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Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 11:07 AM UTC
When it comes to bending photo etched parts and making items such as grab handles a number of us reach for one of the tools that are on the market while others make do with pliers. Now there is a new tool maker entering the fray RP Toolz with a range of affordable alternative tool options to the current market leaders.
RP Toolz has a set of three photo etched bending tools available in 8, 13, or 18 cm long plates, each supplied with a guarded blade to help control the bending of your photo etched parts. These photo etched bending tools are all made of aluminium and steel as are all of the tools from RP Toolz ensuring the long life of all the products. The second tool type that is available is for bending grab handles and rails. The last offering so far from RP Toolz is a choice of two types of Set Square made from 3mm Galvanised steel, I do not currently have the prices for the set squares at the moment.

RP 01 8cm PE tool - 13 or $16
RP 02 13cm PE tool - 18 or $23
RP 03 18cm PE tool - 22 or $28
RP 04 handle bending tool - 18 or $23
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