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Friday, May 23, 2014 - 12:16 PM UTC
Some great news from Star Decals, 17 news sets of decals for your marking pleasure.
Star Decals has sent in news that they have release 17 news sets of decals. The list of decals contains a little bit for everyone with new markings for British Infantry Divisions, the M19 Tank Transporter, Universal Carrier, Lebanese AFV’s, and many more. I will just let the list speak for itself.

35-966 British 3rd Infantry Division NW Europe. Generic Formations and AoS markings.
35-965 British 43rd 'Wessex' Infantry Division NW Europe. Generic Formations and AoS markings.
35-964 British 49th 'Polar Bear' Infantry Division NW Europe. Generic Formations and AoS markings.
35-963 M19 Diamond Tank transporter#1. Middle East and Western Desert.
35-962 M19 Diamond Tank transporter#2. British and Polish units in Italy.
35-961 M19 Diamond Tank transporter#3. British units in NW Europe.
35-960 Universal Carriers Mk I. British, Polish, NZ, Indian and French markings, ETO.
35-959 Lebanese Tanks & AFVs #1. Markings for SLA, Lebanese Forces Armed Militia, Guardians of the Cedar/Horass el Arz.
35-958 Op. Nordwind #2. German tanks in the Ardennes. PzKpfw IV Ausf J, Panther Ausf G, Bef.Panther Ausf G, JagdPanther.
35-957 SS-Panthers. Panther Ausf A and D. Totenkopf, LAH and Hermann von Salza/Nordland.
35-956 Finnish Tanks in WW2. T-34 m/1941, T-34 m/1943 and BA-20M Armoured Car.
35-955 Afrika Tigers #2. s.Pz-Abt. 501 white numbers.
35-954 PzKpfw IV Ausf J. 5. Pz.Div, 12.Pz.Div, 1.SS-Pz.Div. LAH.
35-953 Australian Tanks and AFVs. LVT-4 and M19 Diamond Tank transporter.
35-952 Syrian Tanks in the 1967 Six-Day-War. T-34-85, T-55A.
35-951 Soviet BMD-1 Airborne tank. Afghanistan and Cold War era.
35-950 Modern African Wars #1. Somaliland, MPLA/Angola, Cuba/Angola, South Africa, Ethiopia and AU/African Union in Somalia.

Armorama would like to thank Star Decals for the update.
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Thanks for the news really like these decal sets, my only wish is the would do some more modern british or us sets
MAY 23, 2014 - 05:05 PM
Hello Paul. It's possible that I can produce some US or British sets too. Anything special in mind? Johan Lexell/Star-Decals
MAY 24, 2014 - 04:25 AM
Hi Johan, most of the stuff I build is from both gulf wars and today's afghan conflict, I have some of your bison sets but would like some more stuff, I'm open to offers maybe decals for british cvrt's from the gulf.
MAY 24, 2014 - 06:46 AM
Johan How about some Canadian sets for the Bedford? Kevin
MAY 24, 2014 - 06:52 AM

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