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Tuesday, June 02, 2015 - 05:44 PM UTC
Star Decals has a host of new sets available. These 1:35 scale sets cover a range of vehicles from WWII, Israel, and the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
35-895...Finnish Tanks in WW2 #3. T-26A Twin turret, T-26 m/1939,
OT-130/133 Chemical tank.

35-894...Finnish Tanks in WW2 #4. T-34-85 in WW2, and T-34 in cold war service.

35-893...British M3 Grant in Africa.

35-892...7th Armoured Division Desert Rats in NW Europe.Cromwell,
Humber SC, Staghound, Firefly.

35-891...British Scout & Recce units in NWE 1944-45. White Scout,
Cromwell, Staghound, Dingo + generics.

35-890...British 33rd Armoured Brigade from Normandy to Holland.
Sherman Hybrid, Firefly IC and VC + generics.

35-889...BA-10 and BA-20 armoured cars in foreign service. Finland,
Hungary, Sweden, ROA, RONA.

35-888...KV-1 model/1940. Soviet, Germany, RONA.

35-887...Befehls-Panzers. Befehls-Panther Ausf A and G, Befehls-Pz IV
Ausf J, PzKpfw IV Ausf H.

35-886...Saipan '44. DUKW, M4A2 Sherman, M3A1 Satan, LVT(A)-1.

35-885...Jugoslavian tank numbers 1990s. T-34-85, T-55, BTR-50PK, 2S1,
BRDM-2, M-84, T-72M + generics.

35-884...Israeli AFVs #3. M1 Sherman and AMX 13/75.

35-883...Soviet in Afghanistan #1. T-62 tanks.

35-882...Soviet in Afghanistan #2. Wheeled AFVs - BTR-80, BRDM-2,
GAZ-69, MAZ 537.

35-881...Soviet in Afghanistan #3. BTR-70.

See the Star website for details.

Our thanks to the folks at Star for the info!
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