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Wednesday, February 16, 2005 - 06:10 AM UTC
Now, i'm probably going to get shot at by some of the 'purists' for this post, but since seeing the story on PlanetArmor and PlanetFigure I couldn't help but wonder if there was quite an exciting thing happening for figure painters from an unexpected source...
To start at the beginning, I collect (some) of the comic/movie inspired 'action figures' so the name of McFarlane Toys is not entirely unknown to me. What has surprised me, is the new range they are launching in May 2005. The new range is: McFarlane's Military Series.

There are six figures for release, which are:

* U.S. ARMY RANGER. 75th Ranger Regiment. Includes: Full combat loadout, custom base and M249 assault weapon.

* U.S. NAVY SEAL. Includes: Amphibious gear, custom base and MP5A3 assault weapon.

* U.S. MARINE CORPS RECON SNIPER. Includes: Spotter scope, custom sniping support base and M82A1 rifle.

* U.S. MARINE CORPS RECON. Includes: Full combat loadout, custom base and silenced M4A1 assault weapon.

* U.S. ARMY DESERT INFANTRY. 3rd Infantry Division. Includes: Desert combat loadout, custom base and M4A1-M203 assault weapon/grenade launcher.

* U.S. AIR FORCE SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND, CCT. Air Combat Controller of the 720th Special Tactics Group. Includes: Desert combat loadout, custom base and M16A1-M203 assault weapon/grenade launcher.

Price is going to be around the $15 mark, and considering the price of some resin castings in this scale, they definitely look as if they have some potential for repainting or conversion etc.. The figures themselves are being produced in a Vinyl material, beyond that I cannot say...

The figures (and more images) can be seen on McFarlane's WEBSITE

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