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  • 35065a
Alpine Miniatures are proud to announce their new releases for March, 2008.
  • nmc
Dark Tower Hobbies announces an exciting new name for their online store!
  • sd7
Recently, courtesy of Trumpeter's U.S. importer, we published the news of the release of an Sd. Kfz 7 in 1/35th scale. Now, taking the story a little further, some images of this long-awaited kit.
  • 3538
Two releases, from MasterBox Ltd. which we featured as 'WIPs' are now getting close to release.
  • Mk35
MK35 Editions have announced a new diorama accessory in 1/35 scale; a war Memorial Monument.

  • SKP
New from Skp is a set of brass British Mk 2 Helmets.
  • 35047
MiniArt Limited have just updated their website with images of their new figure set along with some new buildings/diorama sets.
  • PE35207_01
Voyager Model have just announced five new update sets covering a variety of vehicles.
  • M4A2a
DML have announced the release of 6231 British Sherman Mk.III Mid Production Sicily
  • Skp
Skp have released two new tow cables one for the Pzr IV and one for Shermans and Pershings etc,.
  • sd7
Trumpeter's U.S. importer has just sent us the initial details of two new kits from the company.
  • 9007-01-REME
Tankograd Publishing has just announced a considerable number of New releases. A common theme in the new batch - Modern AFVs.
  • 9780955594021_1_
Over the last couple of years the Panzerwrecks series of books has become well known for the many large clear photos of late war subjects. Now here is their first foray into the early war era.
  • HM35010
Helo Miniatures - March releases are here!
  • mbheader_copy
A couple of weeks ago, I ran an Image report on WIP (Work-in-Progress) of a future set from Masterbox Ltd.. Now, dealing with the same set, we bring an update along with some real kudos for those who participate regularly in the Forums..
  • 19610
The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel, have just sent us details of their latest releases.
  • AF35153_1_
AFV Club have just sent us the first images of their (forthcoming) Churchill and their latest in the 251 Series.
  • 6454-1
Dragon Models have just sent us images of their latest Stug in 1/35th scale.
  • um3
One of the great 'cross-overs' between AFV modeling and Warships comes with the interest which was created with the release of some of the PT boats and Landing Craft in 1/35th scale. Here are some releases from the French company U-Model which cover many of these subjects. Did I mention transporting LCVPs by trailer?
  • gas50365m01_1_
Although 1/48th scale has seen a considerable number of releases, in AFVs, there still remains a shortage of good figures. Here are the latest releases from Gaso.Line.
  • fnm36015box
Fine Molds have quietly released a 1/35 scale set of WW2 US Marines.
  • Dartmoor military models
Dartmoor Military Models have launched a snazzy new website.

  • cromwellmodels
Cromwell Models have announced the release of a new 1/35th Scale FV432 MK3 Bulldog.
  • Formations
Formations have released their first complete kit – an Israeli M50 Sherman Pill Box.
  • R35-013_image1
The Polish manufacturer,ArmorScale has just announced one of their largest list of New releases yet. Not only in their 'core' areas of replacement gun-barrels, but also in ammunition sets, extensive resin updates and even a complete kit in 1/48th scale.
  • HSR35060
Hussar Productions produce a considerable range of 1/35th scale update sets. Most notable are probably their wheelsets - here are their latest (and future) releases.
  • 6519-cover
Concord Publications have just announced another title covering a popular subject - another of their 'photo-fests' covering German Infantry n the Eastern Front.
  • ACG003
With the amount of excellent M4s coming onto the market, there's no excuse now to not consider some of the less-documented Allied nations - here's news of a future release from Armor Photo Gallery:
  • 64014
Preiser have recently released another of their useful Civilian Figure Sets in 1/35th - once again, injection-moulded styrene..
  • p36008_01b
Eduard have just announced their monthly release list.
  • 20127_copy
Tank Workshop has released a new item for the Pzr. II F
  • resicast
New from Resicast for March come two new Universal carrier conversions.
  • Sd.Kfz.251/2 Ausf.D mit 28cm Rocket
Dragon are to release the Sd.Kfz.251/2 Ausf.D with 28cm Rockets and Steel Frame Crates in Braille scale.

  • mb3_copy
Another of our regular updates on the WIP (Work-in-Progress) by Masterbox Ltd..
  • 81f481587cc3c4235482ba87c3da6df0
Here's a (long-delayed) update of some of Aber's releases. As we've come to expect from the company, a great variation in boths scales and subjects - these recent releases are in 1/35th, 1/25th, 1/48th and 1/72nd scales.
  • Academy M35
Academy are to release the U.S. M35 2.5ton Cargo Truck in 1/72 scale.
  • T-93
It's been a while since Tank announced new figure sets - here are the latest.
  • D356017
Echelon Fine Details have announced three new decal sheets in 1/35th scale.
  • PE35209_01
Voyager Modelhave just announced their latest crop of 1/35th scale update sets.
  • 5a59_1
Two new sets in 1/35th scale are now available from Decalcomaniacs
  • K157h
Three new releases were announced by Accurate Armour at the recent Trucks and Tracks show in England.
  • NV1000
Mig Productions have just sent us details of a number of interesting new releases. 1/35th, 1/48th and new finishing materials & the first of their new DVDs are all included.
  • friendshipmodels
Wee Friends have added two new British Desert Tankers to their range.
  • picserve
Some new products from the company - a conversion set to backdate the new AFV Club M5a1 and a very eye-catching conversion for the Bronco Staghound. Read on...
  • filerepository_products_47b2ffba24ab4-rm35124-1
The Stryker (and its variants) seem to have been converted in a major industry for RealModel. Here's their latest offering:
  • propaganda.kompany
Propaganda Kompany have announced the release of a 1/35 Oural Irbit motorbike + side car in resin.
  • LR_FLAK43_007
LionRoar began a few months ago with a limited range of COMPLETE (multimedia) kits in 1/35th scale. Here's their latest.
  • trumpcat
In this report, which will probably be the last of the Nuremberg News features, another of the 'majors' comes under the spotlight - Trumpeter
  • con_l479j9
Legend Productions have just announced three new update sets. Two are in 1/35th scale and the third is in 48th.
  • armo_35026
The Jadar Model subsidiary - Armo have just announced four new releases. Three are update sets for Trumpeter's PT-76, the fourth, a full kit...
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