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Here's a (long-delayed) update of some of Aber's releases. As we've come to expect from the company, a great variation in boths scales and subjects - these recent releases are in 1/35th, 1/25th, 1/48th and 1/72nd scales.
  • Academy M35
Academy are to release the U.S. M35 2.5ton Cargo Truck in 1/72 scale.
  • T-93
It's been a while since Tank announced new figure sets - here are the latest.
  • D356017
Echelon Fine Details have announced three new decal sheets in 1/35th scale.
  • PE35209_01
Voyager Modelhave just announced their latest crop of 1/35th scale update sets.
  • 5a59_1
Two new sets in 1/35th scale are now available from Decalcomaniacs
  • K157h
Three new releases were announced by Accurate Armour at the recent Trucks and Tracks show in England.
  • NV1000
Mig Productions have just sent us details of a number of interesting new releases. 1/35th, 1/48th and new finishing materials & the first of their new DVDs are all included.
  • friendshipmodels
Wee Friends have added two new British Desert Tankers to their range.
  • picserve
Some new products from the company - a conversion set to backdate the new AFV Club M5a1 and a very eye-catching conversion for the Bronco Staghound. Read on...
  • filerepository_products_47b2ffba24ab4-rm35124-1
The Stryker (and its variants) seem to have been converted in a major industry for RealModel. Here's their latest offering:
  • propaganda.kompany
Propaganda Kompany have announced the release of a 1/35 Oural Irbit motorbike + side car in resin.
  • LR_FLAK43_007
LionRoar began a few months ago with a limited range of COMPLETE (multimedia) kits in 1/35th scale. Here's their latest.
  • trumpcat
In this report, which will probably be the last of the Nuremberg News features, another of the 'majors' comes under the spotlight - Trumpeter
  • con_l479j9
Legend Productions have just announced three new update sets. Two are in 1/35th scale and the third is in 48th.
  • armo_35026
The Jadar Model subsidiary - Armo have just announced four new releases. Three are update sets for Trumpeter's PT-76, the fourth, a full kit...
  • 2901
In Nuremberg, I spent some time talking to PlusModel and looking at their new releases - here they are.
  • 7671
Once again, Adalbertus were present at this year's Nuremberg Trade Show. The company are the exporters for (amongst many other items) a range of very unique figures - ToRo Model (Poland).
  • SS Tank Crew from Mk 35
Mk35 Editions have announced the release of a 1.35 scale Waffen SS Tank Crew for the Ardennes period.
  • nberg_08_064
Masterbox Limited is a company, who are getting a lot of very deserved coverage on this (and other) sites. Once again, at this year's Nuremberg Trade Fair, I had a chance to speak to them..
  • icmcat
ICM Holding were at Nuremberg where I managed to have a word with them about their future plans. I also managed to get hold of their 2008 catalogue which forms the basis for this report.
  • CB35006_CV33_L3
Bronco Model have just sent us images of two of their future 1/35th scale releases
  • 35036Ancient_Columns6
The new Dutch company Reality in Scale have, once again, enlarged their range of Diorama products with some very useful new kits.
Below a run down of what their new products are
  • 3000Full
Tank Workshop has begun re-releasing their rail car line.
  • nberg_08_001
SKP Model had some of their products on PlusModel's stand at the Nuremberg Trade Fair.
  • Miniart_catalogue
In this report we present an overview of what we can expect from MiniArt Limited in their increasing range of 1/35th scale building and diorama sets during 2008. The 'visual content' is a mixture of images from their site along with original photos taken during the recent Nuremberg Trade Fair..
  • hb15
Hobbyboss were present at Nuremberg again this year and I managed to speak with them and also to get hold of their 2008 catalogue which holds a few surprises
  • Miniart_catalogue
MiniArt Limited once again maintained a good presence at the Nuremberg Trade Show. In this report here's what to expect from the company during the year.
  • mig12
The Nuremberg Trade Show was the platform chosen by Mig Productions to launch their latest release - a 58 minute DVD, the first in a series which deals with the always complex subject of using Pigments.
  • firefly5cca-ts1
Just when you thought the housekeeping money was safe, Tasca have announced another two M4 Variants in 1/35th.
  • 351231
Polish model company M-Model has recently announced the release of two new 1/35 scale WWI figures.
  • 24241
Verlinden Productions have recently announced their forthcoming March 2008 releases. While we see the addition of 2 new larger scale figures, this batch of releases really does not include anything different with 4 of the 5 releases being WW2 German - in familiar poses and of familiar periods.

  • M5/M8 roadwheels
Due to the release of the AFV Club M5A1 Formations have reissued their M5/M8 Solid Road Wheel sets.
  • resicast
Resicast have announced the release of a deep wading conversion set plus a stowage set for the Universal Carrier.
Woody Vondracek from ARCHER FINE TRANSFERS has announced some interesting allied transfer sets plus 1 axis set this month.
  • Opel Blitz
Tamiya have announced a new Opel Blitz truck in 1/35 scale.
  • portada
A new figure and scenery manufacturer from Spain, AniModel.
  • www.airbrushes.com
The latest news from The Airbrush Company Ltd.
Previously, it's been pretty difficult to get hold of Model Point and Master Club's products in North America. Now this is all set to change..
  • 35053
MiniArt have just published images of (the completed) SU-76 in 1:35th scale.
  • The New Breed
The Factory Publishing’s first book The New Breed which covers Shermans and M7 Priests in British Service in North Africa is finally ready.

  • P35195
The AM manufacturer, Part, have just announced, through their distributor, Jadar Model, a series of new, 1/35th scale releases.
  • jadar_35005c
The Polish manufacturer/on-line retailer, Jadar Model have announced the first releases in a new range of diorama materials.
  • M357116
Echelon Fine Details have just announced their latest releases in the form of new sets of self-adhesive mirrors for a wide range of vehicles.
  • cover
Editions du Barbotin is a French publisher who have produced a series of excellent monographs on early-war French vehicles within their 'Trackstory' series. Now, the publisher has announced the eighth in the series.
  • Academy M113

Here courtesy of Academy are the images and sprue layouts of their new 1/35 scale model of the M113/A3 “OIF.”

  • Skp
Skp have announced the release of a 1 : 35 Scale British Tank Crewman in resin.
  • 7059-cover
With the steady release program of German Artillery in kit form, there still, however, remains a need for good reference material. Concord Publications have just announced a new title on that subject.
  • PE35217_01
Once again, Voyager Model have announced a series of 1/35th scale update sets covering a wide variety of vehicles.
  • CB35015_LWS
In a continued attempt to keep the salivary juices flowing, here's a an image update on what will be coming in the next few months from Bronco Model in 1/35th scale.
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