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  • Newsl_7_071
Every so often, the Czech manufacturer, PlusModel announces a complete kit. This is one of those occasions and a subject which is unlikely ever to be kitted by one of the injection-moulded manufacturers.
Alpine Miniatures have just made available images of two new figures which will be available later this month.
  • 28002_1_Full
Tiger Model Designs have announced several new releases in 1/35th scale. The most impressive is undoubtedly their complete (resin) kit for the M8 Heavy Motar Carriage.
  • 822
The Polish manufacturer and distibutor, Adalbertus Miniatures, have just sent us details of a whole batch of new releases. In addition, we're covering some of the recent releases which may well have 'slipped through the cracks' after the summer vacations.
  • NWM
A preview of some of New World Miniatures (Mostly German so far) figures.
  • 6388-1
The latest announcement and images have just been sent to us by Cyberhobby.com.
  • The new Breed
A new book on Shermans and Priests in British Service in North Africa has been released by The Factory Publishing
  • 6410-3
The other day, while I was posting the DML update, I included a reference to an intriguing release/re-working of the German Cossack Cavalry set in 1/35th scale. Now, we're able to bring you a photo-report on the new set.
  • 35052prev01
Bison Decals have regularly featured in the news section here, however, this series of releases are very much along the lines of a slightly different 'departure' for them.
  • 35291
We've just been sent details of Mig Productions latest releases which apart from the products we have come to expect from this company, contain a number of new products which will truly help to make life just a little easier for the modeler.
  • Mk35
Mk 35 Editions have announced two new resin, early war, French Infantry figures in 1:35.
  • K146a
Accurate Armour have just sent us details and imges of their latest releases in both 1/35th and 1/48th scales.
  • British Armor in Sicily and Italy
A new book coming soon from Concord showing photos of the White scout car, M3 halftrack family, Daimler Dingo, Otter armored car, Universal Carrier, Stuart, Priest, Grant, Sherman,etc in British use in Italy.
  • l_DRA6410
Once again, playing 'catch-up' with the most prolific company out there - Dragon Models, a series of new releases announced which include 1/35th and 1/72nd scale.
  • nagy_cikk1190433600je5yb_wpn33
In this report we are presenting information on a completely new company who are going to be concentrating on an increasingly popular area - modern U.S. equipment.
  • 15cm
Trumpeter's U.S. importer has just sent us details and some images of Trumpeter's releases for 4th quarter 2007 and 1st quarter 2008.
  • 350071
Italian manufacturer Blues Models have recently announced the release of a new 1/35 Fallschirmjager. However, what sets this figure aside from other Fallschirmjager figures of this scale is that he has been modelled as a dismounted motorcyclist. While designed for Tamiya's Zundapp, this figure could almost certainly be posed with virtually any period motorcycle - or perhaps even a bicycle.
  • 51yXWDZk4TL_BO2_204_203_200_PIsitb-dp-500-arrow_TopRight_45_-64_OU02_AA240_
The name of Steve Zaloga should require little introduction in armor modeling, however, not only is he a highly-prolific modeler, he has also published a great number of excellent reference books. Now, comes news of another book for those modeling the M4 Sherman.
  • CB35011_Staghound_MkI_late_box_art
By now this should be making its way into LHS' across the planet, so, by way of a preview here are a selection of images of this very welcome release.
  • Academy m7
Academy are set to release their new tool M7 Priest and the additional good news is that they have corrected the problems with the M3 suspension.
  • PE35163_01
Voyager Model have just published their latest release list.
  • HF3copertinaenglish
Auriga Publishing have just announced a new book on the (short-barelled) Pz IV variants.
  • 122_copy
It's pretty much unanimous that Masterbox Limited are producing some of the most imaginative figure sets on the market. Once again, thanks to the company, we're able to bring you a Preview of a work in Process - Secret Item # 3538 on their website.
  • Jakrei Brit Paras
Pete Morton of Jakrei Miniatures is keeping his promise of sticking to Allied subjects with the release of not one but two British Paratroopers.
  • 3529_3_11
Some of the items in this News item were previously covered in another report, however, some are for imminent release and others are in the preparation stage. The next few months are going to see some very exciting releases from Masterbox, in this photo-report we're going to give you some pointers as to what to expect...
  • LM33003top
When AFV Club began releasing their Centurion series and Bronco produced a Comet in 1/35th scale it became clear that a lot of possibilities would emerge for conversions and updates. Now, LionMarc Model Designs have announced new sets for the two vehicles.
  • 16017_copy
It's been far too long since we covered the Polish AM manufacturer ABER in the News. Now, after the summer break, they've announced a series of new releases in a variety of scales.
  • 35001_3
Helo Miniatures' initial releases of 1/35th scale Modern US Figures are now available.
  • 350431
It's not a surprise this set (we had details of it back in february) but now Miniart's Soviet Naval Infantry are due for imminent release.
  • 6363-1
A few days ago, we ran the news that the next in the DML's Pz IV series in 1/35th would be the Ausf. G, now, we're able to add to the story with images of what to expect in the new kit.
  • B35-080_image5
The Polish manufacturer Armorscale have just announced a considerable program of new releases which goes well beyond replacement barrels. Ammunition sets, a new set of Schurzen for the Panther and, naturally enough, even MORE barrels are whats on offer.
  • 35043
Towards the end of August 2007 Ukranian model company MiniArt Models announced the launch of a new range of products, "Dioramas 1:35". According to the MiniArt website, this new range will include kits complete with bases, ruins, figures, AFV and guns. Furthermore, the new kits will include new diorama accessories, commercial and military propaganda posters. September 2007 sees the first 2 offerings from this new range.

While many modellers may find these to be the highlight of this article, Soviet modellers will find the new 1:35 scale set of Soviet Naval Troops, an area generally ignored by model manufacturers, very appealing.
  • 36001
MiniArt is becoming a household name, partly due to the constant release of new products. They have announced the release of two new diorama kits in September this year.
  • Tasca M4A1
Tasca have released images of their new release item 35-010 1/35 M4A1 Sherman
(Mid Production)
  • mk35
Mk 35 have announced a new 1/35 diorama accessory set of railings and gates.
  • TAM07091207_copy
Tamiya has announced the following items on its website; WWII French Infantry Set, Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 Model - 1944 ChKZ, Char B1 bis (German Army), and more.
  • 2400
Verlinden is a household name in the modeling community with a wide range of products. They are continually updating their lines of Diorama related kits. Verlinden is mixing it from WWII arenas to modern arenas, from simple bases to complex kits.
  • header
Resin is a great material for holding detail. However, in many cases, the end result lacks a little conviction. What could be better then, than a range of Ammo Boxes and other items produced in wood? This new range, from the U.S. manufacturer, GCLaser covers a wide range of the many items which were (and continue to be) produced in wood for military applications:

  • Skp
Skp have just announced an interior set for their Humber Scout Car.
  • HLM35001
The Czech manufacturer, Hauler has announced a considerable number of new releases in both 1/48th and 1/35th - with something very special in the latter:
  • 35001_4
As a new company built for growth, Helo Miniatures is focused on bringing you, the modeler and figure enthusiast, a high quality product at a reasonable price.
  • 350159
It's always the tiny details which bring a model or diorama to life. Apart from their considerable range of full kits and update/conversion sets, Real Model also do a considerable range of printed sheets which cover ration boxes, maps and all sorts of other items - here are the latest:
  • M-113-cover
Since its inception, Blue Steel Books have been an increasingly important source for images of vehicles in the conflict of Lebanon. Due to the enormous variety of vehicles which have been seen in that conflict, it is an enormous (although largely untapped) source for modelers...
  • Formations M4A2
Formations have just announced an M4A2 conversion in 1/48 for the Tamiya M4A1plus they are having a 15% off sale
  • Kingtiger_technical
Frequently, there is a great deal of information available in a series of different books from different publishers. However, there is now an increasing tendency to 'draw' information together in on one volume -as is the intention with this new book from the publisher Trojca .
  • 6310-poster
Cyber-Hobby is a subsidiary of Dragon Models which, in its Armor releases, tends to do the more unusual subjects - this latest release is no exception.
  • l_DRA6390
Four new releases have been announced by DML for release in November. One will delight the the Axis AFV modelers, the other, those who model Allied and the third a very welcome release for those who work in Braille-Scale. The fourth should have some considerable appeal for many modelers.
  • Normandy_Beltring_01
The German Military Book publisher, Tankograd, have just announced their September 2007 releases which include a couple of interesting 'departures'.
  • sim1
It's fair to say that the armor of the Israeli Defence Forces (I.D.F.) is becoming an increasingly popular subject for modelers. Now, (thanks to Chris Hughes), comes news of a new book and the beginnings of a new series which will push the interest level just a little higher.
  • i2007-09_05
The AM manufacturer, Eduard should require little in the way of introduction - once again, this month will see a considerable number of new releases with some good news for those building Strykers:
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