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I recently received notice of the May releases from the Italian figure company, Pegaso Models.
The second 'batch' of new releases have been announced from Alpine Miniatures, these three new releases are well up to the standard of the first ones...
Scale Creations Whose previous release was a 1/35th Scale Church Ruin, have announced the release of four sets of Propaganda posters in 1/35th scale...
Hobby Fan has just released three new figure sets on Taiwanese market. They should be available in other parts of the world soon.
AFV Club has just released a few new products on Taiwanese market. They should be available in other parts of the world soon.
Formations Models are now in the position, that for any serious Sherman modeller, they are the first 'port-of-call' for anyone looking for enhancements/conversions for Sherman kits. These new releases can only enhance this reputation....
Italeri's New release schedule is somewhat shrouded in mystery 6437 - German Horse-Drawn Convoy is a very welcome addition to their catalogue...
Dragon Models' website is showing pictures of a an interesting new kit - The Ambulance version of the ubiquitious Kubelwagen...
Bison Decals have announced a series of releases in both 1/35th and 1/72nd scale. Unusually, the majority of the decal sheets are for British Vehicles although they have an interesting range of new releases covering former Balkan states...
Although announced a while ago, I am pleased to be able to bring some of the first images of Dragon's New Release, 6198 U.S. Army Support Weapon Team....
Art Girona, is another of the increasing number of Spanish figure producers who have come onto the scene in the last few years.
Not perhaps as well-known as their competitors such as Andrea, nevertheless their products are well-worth a second look.
Voyager Model was a totally unknown company to me until I was given a link to their website today. Frankly, the range of the material they are producing totally surprised me.
For modellers interested in modelling the U.S.M.C, HardCorps Models has now launched it's online store with a selection of products guaranteed to tempt the Marine Corps Modeller...
Yesterday, I received photos and details of the (first) diorama accessory from a new company:
Mole Military Miniatures have kindly provided samples of their specialist custom-printed decals, which are available exclusively from Dorking Models (see below).

With the arrival of this month's Osprey newsletter announcing the new titles to be published in June, it struck me that this new title was perhaps worthy of a little more than simply appearing amongst a list of other titles.
TimeCast Historic Buildings in Miniatures has come out with a new bridge. They have created a 6mm version of the bridge at Arnham.
Long in production and now complete, the massive 1/72 scale full dry dock from Diorama Solutions is ready for shipping. This kit is designed to house the new Revell 1/72 U-boat (not included in kit).
We are now stocking ATAK's range of resin Zimmerit Sets.
This is a Canadian based bookseller/publisher whose speciality is Commonwealth Armor/Artillery subjects....
A new Spanish company with an extremely different range of new products for both dioramas and vehicle kits.
Alan Hobbies announced at the recent Shizuoka Hobby show in Japan, their latest release: A 1/35th scale 'Bison' SPG
Mirage Hobby have supplied details of their eagerly awaited 1/72 scale M3 Lee and Grant tanks. The kits will feature fine surface details and the tracks are to be moulded in what Mirage are hailing as a new formula plastic. Added to this, each kit will feature an etched-metal fret.
Today I received an unexpected surprise in the form of ADVANCE images of CMK's new interior kits for the Tamiya Sherman.
GOFFY MODEL have their first four (2-figure sets) available. Nice unusual subjects to complement the growing range of modern Bundeswehr vehicles in 1/35th Scale.
Continuing with an overview of the products of GOFFY MODEL, this news item will concentrate itself with the highly useful products that this companty has available for the increasingly popular 1/72nd scale.
This is the second (of two) 1/35th scale Conversion sets available from the Czech company, GOFFY MODEL. The conversion set is designed for Academy's M60.
GOFFY MODEL, are a company based in the Czech Republic. Completely unknown to me, I stumbled across their webpage while looking for something else. This was surely one of those happy accidents.
ACE company just begun production of a BTR-60P (open top) kit.

Interior parts included.

Decals for 4 versions (3 Soviet + East German).

More details can be found here:


A new company to me, these are the first four releases from Toro Models.....
MIG continue adding to their catalogue with these new items, which as we have come to expect are always that little bit different...
A series of interesting recent arrivals from Accurate Armour should have many modellers interested.

Today, totally unsolicited, I received a copy of the new Dragon Catalog. Many of the products have been already announced, others may come as as pleasant surprise...
New Releases from Quartermasters Depot! Decals and Gear!
What do you mean you've never wanted to build a movie star's tank? With this decal sheet you can!
Monroe Perdu Studios, a company that is know for its creative products, decided to release a new architectural kit.
A completely unknown (at least to me) figure company which has chosen to concentrate (at least at the moment) on AFV crews.
ACE Models announced today production of a 1/72 scale LAV-M mortar carrier. It is kit number 72407. Decals are included for three different United States Marine Corps vehicles.
Though not new, this set of very interesting decals should be of interest to Commonwealth armor modellers.
This is the second set of decals from Echelon, after their first this should find a bigger market, dealing as it does with a vehicle which is becoming more and more popular with mdellers.
The Nazi propaganda machine shot a lot of footage during World War II. With that in mind Diorama Solutions, a new manufacturer based in Australia, has produced a German WW2 Movie and Still Camera set (kit DS3506). The kit includes a 16mm camera, a rolloflex 3.5f camera, tripod, and 2 film canisters. The retail price for this kit is 12.95 (Australian).
Diorama Solutions is fully up and running now....
Below is a list of new products we are launching. and dates expected for each item
I would like to see if I can help clear up some tire details about the Italeri modern 5 ton trucks that are on the market. The kits need a lot of work to make them accurate. That’s why there are so many after market detail set available. The military unit I am in has about 2 dozen of these trucks. We received them directly from the factory (AM General) and therefore they were not modified before we got them. I have see many pictures of these truck in the field and it looks like deployed units use whatever they have on hand when replacement are needed. This tends to make vehicles misidentified when these pictures are used for reference purposes.
Echelon are a new company in the 1/35th scale decals business. Their first sheet deals with Leopard 2A4's in service with the Spanish Armored Division, 'Brunete'. Six vehicles are featured on the sheeets.
Hobby Fan has just released two new sets of resin figures. A British tank crew for the M3A3 Stuart and a French tank crew for the M3A3 Stuart. Two figure each.
Formations Models, should be the first stop for anyone enhancing their Shermans. This is a company who works exclusively in producing AM parts for the Sherman. Their new releases continue this trend...
Dragon in 2004 seems to be making a strong bid for the re-awakening 1/72nd market.
As this list has been circulating on other sources although not compiled for Armorama, I'm drawing this together according to nationality in 1/35th. For the Allied modellers it looks as if we are finally going to get a decent bite of the cake.....
Little is unfortunately available as reference for French armor subjects. This new series of Monographs from Editions Du Barbotin may help to redress the balance.
In this new book, US MARINE CORPS PACIFIC THEATER OF OPERATIONS, the author, Gordon Rottman, has the difficult task of summarizing three years of U.S.M.C. operations and re-structure in a mere 96 pages....
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