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Aber has announced a few new update sets in 1/72 scale that should provide a little extra protection for these small scale tanks.
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Two new updates sets have been announced by Aber, including details for a big assault tank and a big barrel for another.
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Some new items from Aber are now available, including two sets for the Enigma and a few new barrels.
ABER has updated their website and there is now a huge selection of items listed as brand new and can be seen inside this news article.
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A few new great looking detail sets from Aber, just in time to start some late fall projects.
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ABER have not been covered in a while and we felt it was time this was remedied. ABER have recently released a photo etched set that should be of interest to those with an interest in artillery, and four barrels in three different scales. It is good to see an after market update provider producing items in various scales to satisfy the needs of modellers regardless of their scale preference.
ABER have released a nice selection of machine gun and larger calibre barrels, PE and a complete set for a Pz.Kpfw.III, Ausf.N (Sd.Kfz.141) in 1/35th scale.
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New ABER barrels and PE-Kits for Trumpeter's E-50/75 spotted.
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Here's a (long-delayed) update of some of Aber's releases. As we've come to expect from the company, a great variation in boths scales and subjects - these recent releases are in 1/35th, 1/25th, 1/48th and 1/72nd scales.
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It's been far too long since we covered the Polish AM manufacturer ABER in the News. Now, after the summer break, they've announced a series of new releases in a variety of scales.
The Polish AfterMarket manufacturer Aber, have announced their latest release schedule:
The Polish manufacturer, Aber has just sent us a comprehensive list and images of its new releases....