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In-Box Review
Xtreme Modelling Magazine

by: Dirk Lehaen [ BEP ]

There’s a new military modelling magazine for sale and it’s called Xtreme Modelling.


It is published in Spain but is written in English.
Editor is José A. Azorin “StuG”.
Price for yearly subscription is 73 euro for Europe and 86 for the rest of the world.

Actually it is not really a magazine in the normal meaning. It is more like a booklet. It is a little smaller than A4-format but it is printed in landscape size instead of portrait.
There are 64 pages in full colour. The magazine is quarterly and a special issue for Christmas, so 5 issues per year.


Volume 1 has 4 categories :
1.Vertical : AFV models displayed in unusual situations
2.The Black Pages : the best models by the best builders
3.Wet Steel : techniques to recreate the elements of nature
4.Step by step

In total 5 models/dioramas are being reviewed :
1.Cleaning the past by JB Verlhac : SdKfz 138/1 Grille Dragon
2.Land Rover Ambulance by JG Gázquez
3.Cats on the streets by StuG
4.Overmud by MP Blasco
5.Marder III M by MIG

For the next issues the following subjects are being announced :
The Black Pages : JB Verlhac & MIG
The lighthouse by MP Blasco
T-34/85 1943 model by StuG
Jorge López’s LVT
Cats … II : Panther G april 44
MIG’s step by step modelling masterly lessons
Michael Wittmann’s Tiger I
Cool School


The magazine is very good. The color pictures are very sharp and full of detail. If you’re looking for very detailed information about the building and painting this is it. And not only for the models. Also the houses and figures are being handled. Mostly together with visual descriptions. Even the used materials and paints are fully described.
An example : in the article about the ambulance there’s a full explanation of the painting and weathering for the flesh, leather, boots, helmet street and so on.
Special care has been taken in the binding of the magazine because it is glued like a book so you can open it completely without damaging it.

Without doubt this magazine is highly recommendable not only for it’s content but also for style and presentation. My guess is that we have come across a winner.

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: 73 / 86 eu
  Related Link: Website
  PUBLISHED: May 24, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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