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In-Box Review
Late Panther G Barrel
WWII German 7.5cm Kw.K42 L/70 Barrel with Late Muzzle Brake for Panther Ausf. G
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by: Charles Reading [ CREADING ]

The Panther tank was designed as an answer to Russiaís T-34. Of all the Panther variants produced, the Ausf.G was the most numerous. Approximately 2,950 Panther Ausf.G., were produced by MA.N., Daimler-Benz and MNH from March 1944 until the assembly plants were overrun and captured by Allied forces in April of 1945. The Panther Ausf.G was fitted with the long-barreled 75mm (2.95in.) Kw.K42 L/70 as itís main armament, which was effective against almost all the contemporary Allied tanks at long range.
This Griffon Model accessory kit is a nicely turned aluminum barrel with a small photo etch fret and a small bag with a four piece brass muzzle brake. The kit comes bagged, with a cardboard backing.
There are four photographs of the various parts and a folded sheet of instructions.
The information on the instruction sheet says this barrel is made for the Tamiya range of Panther G tanks; 35170,35174, 35176 and 35261.
It appears that with little effort it can be used with other manufacturer's kits also.
Nicely machined aluminum barrel with a late style brass muzzle brake for the Panther Ausf. G. The kit pieces measure out exactly with the 1:35 line drawings found in Jentz' "Germany's Panther Tank"(The Quest For Combat Supremacy)

Highs: Excellent detail with rifling inside the barrel and PE bolt detail on the muzzle brake.
Lows: Really not anything to complain about. I guess I could fall back on 'wishing' the price could be less?
Verdict: If you are super detailing your Panther or just replacing the kit barrel with an aluminum one, you couldn't do better than choosing this one.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LB35016
  Suggested Retail: $19.20
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 04, 2009

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