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In-Box Review
German Motorcycle Repair Crew
German Motorcycle Repair Crew
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by: Charles Reading [ CREADING ]

An army doesn’t function without mechanics. All vehicles, especially those being used by front line soldiers need to be kept in tip shape. In the past we’ve seen tank maintenance personnel (Tamiya 35180) and various resin offerings. With the recent flurry of excellent motorcycle kits from Lion Roar and Master Box, this new kit from Master Box will be a ’must get’ kit for modelers and diorama builders.
the kit
The kit consists of two sprues molded in a tan plastic.
The larger sprue is the BMW R75 motorcycle and side car. Although not as detailed as the Lion Roar kit, with PE spokes etc, this R75 is far better than the old Tamiya and Italari kits.
Weapons for the motorcycle included on this sprue are an MG-34 and a MG-42.
There are some frame pieces and linkage pieces that appear very delicate....care will be needed when removing these pieces from the sprue so they are not broken.

The smaller sprue contains the figures, work bench and tools. There are four figures.
The first figure is in trousers with suspenders, a tee shirt with bare arms. He is using a manual tire pump to put air into a tire.
Figure two in trousers, shirt with sleeves rolled up is leaning forward with a wrench in hand, working on the motorcycle engine.
The third figure, trousers, shirt with sleeves rolled up, pipe and field cap is holding the motorcycles fuel tank, presumably visually inspecting it or getting ready to put it back onto the bike.
Figure four is sitting, pipe in hand, wearing his field boots, shorts and a tee shirt.
There is a wood grained-plank top work bench with metal braced legs.

The figures are molded very well with sharp detail. There are the typical mold lines one finds with plastic figures but they don’t appear to be a major issue and should clean up quickly.
The motorcycle is also nicely molded with few sink marks (mostly hidden once assembled) and no noticeable ejection marks. The only issue that really sticks out on visual inspection of the motorcycle sprue is that two of the wheel halves (that make up the spoke d wheels) have a considerable amount of flash. Nothing that a fresh No.11 blade can’t clean up but tedious nonetheless.
Instructions and decals
There is a small decal sheet provided with the kit that gives you five options. The painting guide in the instructions shows decal locations for the various choices. The color suggestions do not have brand equivalencies but rather are simple descriptive words such as “Panzer Grey” and “Dark Sand”
The options are:
1) Generic German Army Red Cross motorcycle
2) Ramcke Brigade, Afrika Korps 1942-43
3) 14 Fallschirmjager Division, Anzio 1944
4) 24 Panzer Division, Stalingrad 1942 Propaganda Kompanie
5) (Bonus alternative) 24 Panzer Division, Stalingrad, 1942 Autumn
Highs: A creative group of figures that can really enhance any ‘Maintenance’ type diorama or a nice stand alone vignette. Nicely molded with good detail.
Lows: Flash and mold lines. Although not as prevalent as some manufacturers there is still clean up on every piece. I would have liked some other tools included for the price of the kit. For four figures and a motorcycle may be a bit pricey.
Verdict: This is a nice kit and will build up into an interesting little scene. I would recommend this kit to anyone who is interested in German motorcycle troops or just wants an interesting small scene to fit into a larger maintenance diorama.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: MB3560
  Suggested Retail: $ 40.95
  Related Link: manufacturer website
  PUBLISHED: Sep 30, 2009

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I live in the mountains north of Santa Cruz California. I have been building now since the early 1990's when I rediscovered modeling. Most of my kits are built with dioramas in mind. I took a "creative block" hiatis for a couple years - 2011 to 2013. I wasn't active in the modeling world. During tha...

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Will definitely be on the look out for this one. Nice bonus to get the Propaganda Company decals, you don't see them too often.
SEP 29, 2009 - 03:22 PM
Very interesting set. Definitely one to pick up. Cheers jjumbo
SEP 29, 2009 - 04:18 PM
This set is on sale at £14.95 in the UK which is a much more reasonable price for the kit. Please could someone add the "discuss this review" link to the review.
SEP 30, 2009 - 04:54 AM
Thanks Darren......
SEP 30, 2009 - 12:25 PM

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