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In-Box Review
Russian T-62 Model 1962
Russian T-62 Mod. 1962
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by: Jeremy Coyle [ HERCHEALER ]

The T-62 originally was conceived as a companion weapon to the T-55. It was essentially a T-55 up gunned with the 2A20 115mm cannon. Both the T-55 and T-62 used the same wheels, tracks, engine and transmission. The main difference of the two is the longer hull and new turret design on the T-62. The new UT-5 cannon could fire its rounds through 300mm of armor at close to 1000 meters. This was more than enough at the time to deal with the M-48 and later models of the British Centurions. The T-62 was meant to add long range firing capabilities the Soviet tank regiments while fighting alongside the T-55's, but later it was used to fill the same roles as the previous T-55.
Contents of the Kit
When first opening the box one will see 13 grey plastic sprues (7 of which are the indi tracks!) 4 sprues of black plastic which are the outer rubber parts of the road wheels, a metal barrel, small clear sprue, small photo etch set and decal sheet. Even the small delicate parts of the sprues are covered with foam to prevent damage in transit.
The kit comes with a 12 page instruction booklet with a separate color sheet for the painting. The instructions are very clear and should be easy to follow. The only odd thing is that no color reference is included for the anything except the overall color of the tank and the rubber of the road wheels. This shouldn't really be an issue though as we all know pretty much what colors to use anyway.
A ( times 2)
This Sprue contains all the inner road wheel component as well as the fuel barrels for the rear and all of the lower hull components as well. All the parts are cleanly molded with no flash and most of the sprue tree attachment points are small and will be easy to remove from the small parts. All of the parts have excellent crisp detail.

Sprue B contains most of the upper hull accessories, also included are separately molded side skirts, much like their earlier KV-1 series. This will allow the modeler to either paint the tracks once assembled on the model or help with installing them once the model is complete. Detail on these parts is very crisp as well. The log also has a very good wood grain already molded in and should represent a pretty realistic looking piece of wood.

Included on this sprue is the upper hull and the rear and front glacis panels. Also included is a plastic barrel, leaving you the option to use the metal or plastic one. An interesting note is that they provide the mantlet with both a canvas cover and one without, essentially giving you two complete gun barrel assemblies.... Will be nice to have in the spares box for later builds....

D contains the upper turret as well as the engine cover and various hatches. The upper turret has nicely molded texture and will not need any added materials to represent a nice turret. The engine cover has some small amounts of flash on the inner portion, but nothing a little file can't take care of in a few swipes.

Contains the hub caps and ammo cans as well as a few other small parts. All cleanly molded excellent in detail and flash free

M ( times 7)
These are the individual track lengths and I must say they look very nice. They contain excellent detail and and no injector marks on the inside of the track like a lot of plastic indi tracks. These will be a breeze to clean up and will add a nice accent to a very nice model.

Z ( times 4)
With an interesting concept Trumpeter has molded the outer rubber wheels in black plastic which should work much better than rubber ones. At least they will definitely take paint better.

Lower Hull
The lower hull has excellent detail and will require only a quick clean up of a few very small injector marks on the lower side.

Metal Barrel
A solid one piece metal is provided and will really save on the sanding normally required to get a plastic barrel round and free of seam lines.

Photo Etch Fret
Contain all of screens for the upper hull as well as the engine cover.

The decals included are pretty generic and not tank specific, and with the number or numbers available, one could build almost any T-62 owned by the Russians. This will result in endless possibilities.
Overall Assesment
This is one excellent kit Trumpeter has put together and I am really looking forward to the build. The detail is outstanding through out with the only major downfall the lack of fuel plumbing. Why no one has included this yet is beyond me, but at least Mig has come to the rescue now with their aftermarket plumbing set. I believe the wait has really been worth it and anyone who has a thing for Russian armor or just wants to build a good model. This kit is sure to make one happy. Mind you I am not a rivet counter, just a ordinary modeler who wants to see a model that will go together well thus allowing more people to enjoy the kit. One that is relatively accurate, and one that is not over engineered like some of the kits out there.
This kit is a must have for any stash especially one who favors Russian Armor.... You Won't be disappointed in spending your hard earned cash.

A strictly OOB build blog will follow in the next few days.
Highs: Excellent detail through out and individual tracks. Easy to follow instructions.
Lows: No fuel plumbing.
Verdict: This is a must have for any modeler who wants a T-62.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 00376
  PUBLISHED: Dec 18, 2009

Our Thanks to Stevens International!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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About Jeremy Coyle (Herchealer)

I have been modeling on and off for about 20 years now. I started building more heavily about 12 years ago when I was stationed in Japan. I primarily build armor, but I would like to start building some of my Aircraft I have in my stash.

Copyright 2020 text by Jeremy Coyle [ HERCHEALER ]. All rights reserved.


I hope Trumpeter fix the mistakes pointed out by the people who has seen the real vehicle. But then again, I wonder if the real T-62 in Beijing that Trumpeter used as a reference, is the exactly the same as those in U.S. or the middle east? Maybe the T-62 in Beijing is somewhat a PLA modified one from the orignal for what ever reaons ....just wondering... I am one who most likley will not ever get the see the real T-62 vehicle. I am guessing 90% of the folks to come to this forum is in the same category as me, or I could be toally wrong. Anyway, I got one in Singapore at about US$25. Rob, thanks for the link... After viewing what Steve Z has done, I thought I should have bought another 2 more boxes...but by the time I went back to the shop again, it was already all sold out. Got to wait for the next shippment.. Anyway, the detail on this un-build Trumpeter T-62 kits looks much better than the tamiya one that I build but put on hold for a while ...Waiting for the indi T-62 track from Trumpeter and see if it fits the old Tamiya kit... Gaoyue, any idea if the T-62 in Beijing is a modified version of the original T-62 from the Russian factory?
DEC 27, 2009 - 03:39 PM
Trumpeter have mailed me a replacement for the missing Sprue above... I'm very happy about that ! Thanks Trumpeter !!! Paul
JAN 22, 2010 - 02:00 PM
The Sprue from Trumpeter arrived today ! Great service Trumpeter.... Thanks !!
JAN 28, 2010 - 08:27 PM
Thanks Jacques . Yep, average modelers - well worth bearing it mind with some of the more extravagant comments that are getting thrown around this thread...
JAN 29, 2010 - 03:46 AM
Glad to see my philosophy and the Sites philosophy match on this. Glad to help out.
JAN 29, 2010 - 03:09 PM
After reading all this and understanding some of it, are most of you saying that no T62 with these dimensions excists? and if that is correct what did Trumpeter measure and examine before making the masters for this kit. I cannot accept that any company makes an inaccurate model on purpose unless of course it has something to do with future releases and getting the most from the master, or heaven forbid a rug runner. Having now read all that is wrong with this model could someone please take the same time to point out what is right with it.
JAN 29, 2010 - 04:39 PM
OK. First off, it is 1/35 scale, not 1/32.5 scale. Second, the turret seems to be accurate for a VERY early T-62, even the canted hatch. However, even if it is correct, it would be for very few actual tanks. But the overall turret shape is very close to the T-62 if not spot on, and this is a big deal because rendering the T-62's complex and conplicated turret shape is no easy thing. Even if minor changes, like dealing with the loaders hatch, have to be done, the shape fo the turret to start with is solid. The lower is, in all honesty, only a problem if you want it to be. Anyone who is bothered by the fenders, for example, is probably going to replace them with brass anyhow. The angle of the rear plate to the deck is something that you have to go looking for, and if you are looking for that, you are not appreciating the rest of the kit. Honestly, I do not know what Trumpeter based their kit on. I would assume it was based on a real tank, but for all we know it is one that the Chinese captured from the Russians in some border dispute, or it was a one-off museum piece...ala shades of the Tamiya T-72. I am going to assume that since things have been pointed out to them, the next versions will have corrections. Or not...they have not fixed the problems with the MAZ transporter, for example. So there is a start. It is not a perfect kit and Trumpeter could have done better by NOT having these detail issues. BUT...it is also a kit that is light years better than the Tamiya T-62 in every aspect.
JAN 30, 2010 - 05:00 AM
Thank you Jacques. So it is possible it is a reaonably accurate model of a very rare T62. That last statement sounds like some of the DML kits that have been let loose. rare, very rare
JAN 30, 2010 - 05:15 AM
OOB I would agree that this would be, in terms of accuracy, a very rare beast. I would call this a bit more than reasonably accurate, but it is definately NOT perfect (and I feel the need to say that over and over to appease my seriously detail oriented fellow modellers). If Trumpeter would just do a couple of small tweaks (in my mind anyhow, not sure how hard retooling a kit is) they would be hitting a home run with this kit. The lower hull (detail and angle of rear hull plate), the fenders, and the turret top (loaders coupola anyhow). Those changes are the only ones that really need to be dealt with, the rest is far too picky for the investment of their time.
JAN 31, 2010 - 04:39 AM

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