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Tool Review
Global Machinery Company

by: Jay Asrouch [ MINUTEMAN ]

For the past 10 plus years, I have been fairly satisfied with my cordless Dremel rotary tool. Like any rechargeable tool, batteries ultimately require replacement and the two that I have no longer held a charge. Replacement batteries cost about 25 USD apiece. Despite the convenience of the cordless model drawbacks such as lack of variable speed control, only two speed settings, and the constant recharging of the batteries created more limitations than the advantages of being cordless. It is in the process of replacing the tool that I came across Global Machinery Company’s Multi Function Rotary Tool Kit, Model: MX372UL. Although corded, the tool’s value offset the need to be plugged into a wall receptacle.

GMC’s Multi Function Rotary Tool Kit comes complete with a blow-formed plastic case. Inside the case is a 40 piece accessory kit within a clear plastic case. Included in the accessory kit are three (3) brushes, one brass, and two (2) nylon brushes 4mm and 22mm, plus one polishing wheel. Five(5) grinding bits, two (2) engraving Bits, six (6) high speed drill bits and three (3) high speed cutting bits. Furthermore, the kit includes two (2) mandrels, one for 12.5 mm sanding drums (four (4) 150-grit drums included) and one (1) mandrel for cut-off wheels, not only the usual cut-off wheels but also a 22mm stainless steel cutting wheel similar to a circular saw blade. Three (3) collets are included in the kit, 1.5, 2.35, and 3.2mm, which allows for the use of standard Dremel accessories.

The variable speed of the tool is rated at a no load speed of 8000-30,000 rpm. The speed control mounted in the top of handle of the tool allows variable adjustments at the turn of the wheel. On the opposite side of the handle is an on-off rocker switch.

Despite the claim of ergonomic-design of the tool, the shape is a little awkward at first when compared to the Dremel; however, it does not take too long to get used to the design. The speed control is well positioned for controlling the tool during use. The only real drawback to the variable speed is in the settings below the two (2) on the indicator dial. Even a minor load cutting or sanding will stop the tool at the lowest speed but drilling small holes in soft material, particularly styrene where heat is factor can be accomplished well at the lowest speed setting.

What makes Global Machinery Company’s Multi Function Rotary Tool Kit truly impressive is the value. A comparably equipped Dremel Rotary tool will set up back about 70 USD, whereas the GMC Model: MX372UL is an unbelievable 19.99 USD and the tool is warranted for a full year. Do not let the price fool you, for ease of operation, versatility, power, and value, the Global Machinery Company’s Multi Function Rotary Tool Kit is capable of meeting the requirements of all forms of modelers.
Global Machinery Company’s Multi Function Rotary Tool Kit, Model: MX372UL: A Stout Alternative to Dremel.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: MX372UL
  Suggested Retail: $19.99 USD
  PUBLISHED: Apr 24, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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