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1. Vietnam UH-1H Medevac Diorama [ 49,107 ]
by: Gino Quintiliani
2. Snake Bite! - AH-1W Super Cobra [ 37,457 ]
by: Tommaso Porro
3. MH-60J Jayhawk Conversion [ 23,288 ]
by: Gino P. Quintiliani
4. MH-60G Pave Hawk [ 23,003 ]
by: Joe Szczygielski
5. WSMR SAR Huey [ 22,796 ]
by: Gino Quintiliani
6. HH-60G Pave Hawk [ 18,757 ]
by: Gino P. Quintiliani
7. A Pair Of Deuces [ 15,113 ]
by: Joe Szczygielski
8. MH-60S Knight Hawk [ 14,756 ]
by: Gino P. Quintiliani
9. Which Lynx is This? [ 13,842 ]
by: Darren Baker
10. XH-26 Jet Jeep [ 13,655 ]
by: Frederick Boucher
Piotr Dmitruk on many detailed photos presents the box content and his building process of the recent Attack Squadron release of a tiny MQ-8B Fire Scout helicopter in 1:72 scale. >> READ MORE

Luciano Satornetti presents a short walkaround of detailed shots of the Westland Lynx - perfectly timed to coincide with Airfix's new quarterscale kit. >> READ MORE

Luciano Satornetti shows off a Westland Sea King HAS.6 >> READ MORE

Doug Cohen (DougCohen) has sent us some photos of his nicely done Mil Mi-1 helicopter model. This is the 1:48 scale Special Hobby kit which was done in a superb camouflaged paint sheme. >> READ MORE


Sometimes, just when you think you've seen everything, a model like this comes along - Péter Lőrincz's incredible alternative-history WW1 helicopter gunship! >> READ MORE

Gino P. Quintiliani converts Academy's standard MH-60G kit into the USCG MH-60J Jayhawk, adding masses of extra detail along the way. >> READ MORE

Here's a timely reminder of one of the most dramatic aviation dioramas I've seen - Gino Quintiliani's Vietnam Medevac rescue. >> READ MORE

Gino Quintiliani models the Panda UH-1D/H in a spectacular White Sands Missile Range paint scheme. >> READ MORE


by: H.G. Barnes
Bell UH-1N twin Huey in NAS FALLON Rescue markings.   >> READ MORE

KA-58 Black Ghost Stealth Helicopter
by: Jason
Jason Bookie has shared a video with us that shows building of the Zvezda KA-58 Stealth Helicopter.   >> READ MORE

H-21 Flying Banana
by: Grant Berry
Grant Berry showed of a great looking build of the Italeri H-21 "Flying Banana" on Facebook and I knew I had to show some shots of the build.   >> READ MORE

FL 282 V-6 Kolibri
by: Kevin Brant
MiniArt has release a very interesting subject in the World War 2 German helicopter, the FL282 V-6 Kolibri, and here Kevin Brant provides a review and builds the kit.   >> READ MORE

AH-1S Cobra Attack Helicopter
by: Delbert
Delbert Davis provides some great pictures of the AH-1S Cobra from the Maps Air Museum in North Canton, Ohio.   >> READ MORE

Egyptian Chinook 'C'
by: Hussein El Kaissy
Hussein El Kaissy presents some images of the Italeri CH-47 converted to Egyptian service and a nice display diorama.   >> READ MORE

Westland Wessex HC2
by: Darren Baker
Darren Baker shares with us some images of the Westland Wessex HC2 on display at the RAF Museum at RAF Cosford.   >> READ MORE

Sikorsky MH-53M Pave Low IV
by: Darren Baker
Darren Baker shares with us some images of the Sikorsky MH-53M Pave Low IV on display at the RAF Museum at RAF Cosford.   >> READ MORE

Which Lynx is This?
by: Darren Baker
I thought the members on Aeroscale would like to see some images of the current Lynx in service with the Royal Navy. Along with this I also have some images of what I believe is going to be the latest Lynx to take to the skies. Both of these aircraft were   >> READ MORE

Shipping Chinooks to Sandhofen
by: Walter H. Zuleger
Walter H. Zuleger shares with us some pictures of the Chinooks arriving at Sandhofen in Germany prior to final assembly and moving onto their units. He also shares with us some history on the airfield.   >> READ MORE