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Historicus Forma

Painting 3/6 Color DCUs & Woodland BDUs

Painting tri colored Desert CamoflageUniforms (DCU)

Colors Used:
US Army/Marines Gulf Sand - Model Master Acrly's #4812
Dirt - Polly Scale #5052
Flat White - Model Master Acrly’s #4769
Saddle Brown - Vallejo #138
Deck Tan - Vallejo #986
Beige - Vallejo #917
Step 1:
Lay down a base coat of US Army/Marines Gulf Sand. With larger figures, such as bust and figures bigger than 120mm you can airbrush this base coat on. I learned a technique from a David Fisher video using silicon rubber, like Woodland Scenics Latex Rubber, as a masking agent. You simply brush on the rubber very lightly and let dry. Once you are finished painting, you peel the rubber off the masked portions and there you have it.
Step 2:
Once the base coat is dry, I like to go ahead and apply a wash here. I use Polly Scale Dirt for the washes on anything that is painted sand. Once the wash is dried, use the base color lightened with a little Flat White to dry brush on the high lights.
Step 3:
Next, is to add the lighter tan stripes. Here, I used Vallejo’s Deck Tan for this. The stripes are applied in an irregular pattern.

Step 4:
Next are the brown stripes. Vallejo’s Saddle Brown is a close match for the strips. Once again, these stripes are placed in an irregular pattern, but smaller.

Step 5:
Last, is another wash and dry brushing using the colors in step 2. This will blend the three colors together and make the uniform look worn. After this is done, now its time to paint all the little details, such as eyes, hair, jewelry, weapons, and gear.

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