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BAT-M Engineering Vehicle

Tank and platform
The tank and the storage box were really easy to put together and the fit was quite good. I just added a spade and a pickax to it and some holders and tubes for the outside Diesel filters. On the platform I added some little details, some holders for the boxes, and a small lock as a special gimmick. On the front track covers there was one of the first NVA specialties installed: the ice grippers in some kind of special metal boxes. The hydraulic arms meant again a lot of sanding but worked out well. The other major change on a NVA BAT-M was the big roll on the left front hydraulic arm, which I just mounted with some plastic card. The tubes for the hydraulic fluid were another time-consuming addition and I formed them out of 0.8mm copper wire. They look really good on the model and make it way more detailed then only the “naked” hydraulic arms.

Crane and Blade
The blade was one of the easiest parts to build and fitted together very well and with no problems and questions. I only added some tubes again and some tiny little chains to secure all the bolts. The crane didn’t support any holder for the hydraulic arm for some reason and so I just scratch built one (once again it is so important to have good pictures). The winch and the hook were also a bit tricky but finally everything went together ok and after mounting some copper wire again I was really happy with it.
Painting and finishing
Before painting, I put a base coat of Tamiya “XF19 light grey” over all the different parts. Next came a thin layer of “XF65 field grey” and some heavy pre-shading on the edges with “XF1 flat black”. It was the first time that I tried the pre-shading method and I’m really satisfied with the result so I’m going to use it again, I’d say. After this another thin layer of “XF65 field grey” to blend in the black a bit. For the stripes on the crane I let the green dry 24 hours and applied them with the help of some masking tape and an airbrush.

Afterward I decided not to dirty it too heavily since the NVA vehicles were always kept in a good shape, especially the so called “combat machines” which included all the tracked and heavy vehicles such as the BAT-M. I applied a very thin oil wash with “ivory black” and some dry brushing with Humbrol enamel “light grey”. Finally another coat of enamel flat clear and some little dirt on the chassis and blade with pastels. Micro painting was with Humbrols but I hate the glossy red... never again! I will definitely try some other red color next time.

I really liked to build this vehicle even though I’m still a “newbie” on resin and still need a lot of practicing with my new “Aztek A470” and some finishing techniques. Enjoy the pictures and no worries: I’m still in a learning process and will do better on my mistakes next time!
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Hi, I'm into modelling for 10 years or more now, but started to do it "seriously" after a break 2 years ago again. I love the extraordinary stuff and going more and more into former eastern german (NVA) vehicles of all kind. Since my dad served there as an officer and I'm living here with very go...