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SCAHMS 2008 Show Report

The Quest for the Perfect Photo
As many of you know, from reading my past show reports, I have been going to the SCAHMS California Show for quite a few years. This was to be my fifth trip in fact. The show never seems to disappoint and this year was to be no exception. The only difference for me personally was that this year I was asked to be an official photographer for the show. So that was going to bring with it some new challenges and responsibilities. In an effort to better my photography I added a few additional items to my photo kit. First and foremost was a new macro lens. Most of the photos you will find in this report were shot with my trusty Canon 300D with a 60mm EFS macro lens. I also had purchased a wire remote for the camera last year and IF I had remembered to bring that item with me, I think my photos would have been even better this year. Oh well... live and learn. Another lesson was the addition of lighting in conjunction with a light tent. At home with zero additional lighting I had found that I needed fairly powerful lighting (2 x 150W), but the SCAHMS show venue has always been a very well lit environment. I found that, on almost all of the photos where I had used even minimal light from my two flood units, the end result was an overexposed photo when taken in conjunction with ADP (auto depth of field) turned on. Next year if I am able to do this again I think I will try to find LED lights on flex-tubes. They would do a good job in bringing out subtle details without washing out the figure.

Easter Weekend
I had planned to bring my wife and daughter along for this trip. However about 2 weeks before that weekend I realized that it was going to fall on Easter. "Hunny... the weekend of the SCAHMS show is on Easter. We would be at Disneyland on Easter Sunday." I told my wife on the phone. "We can't be away from home on Easter", was her reply. So note to model show organizers; don't plan shows on holiday weekends. Of course this year was an unusually early Easter (March 21st). And this will not happen again for over 100 years or something like that. But I was still disappointed. I had really wanted to take my seven-year old daughter to Disneyland for the day on Sunday.
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