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Operation Tractable

Final Assembly
I added the figures to the turret from the inside for the loader and at the same time as the cupola for the commander.

After loosely adding the drive sprockets and idler wheels, I threaded the Panda tracks onto the model by holding it with the front straight up. The tracks were passed down between the drivers and hull sponsons and along the tops of the bogies until an inch or two was hanging down past the idlers. The track was then wrapped around the drivers and under the road wheels. Then, with the tank sitting level on the track, the ends of the track were joined at the rear between the last road wheels and the idlers. I did one side first, then the other. I did find that I had to reduce the number of track links from the specified 84 to about 82 per side and adjust the idler wheel axels to their extreme rearward angle.

Once the tracks were on the model, I passed a thin strip of brass between the top of the track and the sponsons. I was then able to use a pair of tweezers to twist any out of alignment end connectors back into order while the brass strip kept the track blocks from twisting. On the bottom run, I held the tank down on a flat surface and repeated the process to straighten out any end connectors or track blocks. Once the tracks were straightened out to my satisfaction, I fixed the upper runs by brushing Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement into the end connector joints. I left the bottom runs alone to conform to any irregularities in the final base.

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