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We Got You Covered!..

We Got You Covered!...

The diorama base is a wooden plaque type lightly covered in wood glue to adhere the scenery material

The ground scenery consists of sifted dirt mixed with baking soda for the mixed muddy effect while the icy effects were created by pouring Polycrylic wood sealer over the area. This is the best water effect ever as it is one-step, water cleanup and does not have any odor.

The sandbags are built up with florist clay, florist tape and paint, (ref: my article in FineScale Modeler 12/2010, p.53)

The tree is a simple root from my yard. Additional crates, trash and other incidentals are made from balsa wood, cardboard or left over kits.

The Italeri 105mm Howitzer is the re-issue I believe from the 70's and was painted and weathered using all craft acrylic paints in various shades and degrees of weathering.

The figures are a mix of the DML 101st Airborne at Bastogne as the ammunition loaders and the Advance to the Rhine selected figures to show the gun crew and battery commander with a radio operator close at hand.

All of my kits, dioramas and other hobby applications are built using all water-based material, paints and other products that all blend together to form dioramas.

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