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PzKpfW V 'Panther' Ausf. G,

This model was built as part of an AMPS club group project. Our club was contacted by Alliance Model-Works and offered test-build sets of their photo-etched up-dates for DML Panther G "Smart" kits in return for feedback on how the PE went together. AM-Works was looking for a group with varied skill-levels in order to see how much of the PE was "buildable" by basic and intermediate skill-level modelers.

For our club, this gave the members who wanted to participate an opportunity to learn new techniques and methods without having to take the risks involved with the purchase of expensive after-market products. The group build was very successful, with eight members participating. We had how-to demonstrations at our meetings, and for several months, members brought in their "Project Panthers" to meetings to show and discuss, often soliciting feedback, help, and assistance from other members. In the end, everybody learned a lot, and many of the more basic skill-level builders overcame their reluctance and intimidation for complex PE parts and subassemblies.

For my project, I used the following kits and AM accessories:
  • DML # 6370 "Panther G w/ Steel Road Wheels"
  • AM-Works # LW35054 "PE Up-date Set for DML Panther G 'Smart' Kits"
  • Fruil # ATL-08 "Panther Late Type Tracks"
  • Aber # 35l56 "7,5 cm KwK l/70, Panther Late Production Gun Barrel"
  • Uschi von der Rosten # DPC-35 "Masking Stencil Disk Camouflage"
I selected the DML # 6370 kit as the basis for my build. It contains almost all of the parts needed to build any Panther G from the beginning of its production to the end of the war. It is really only missing two details: The small "U-shaped" armored guard in front of the commander's cupola for the elevation connection off of the IR night vision scope and the later idler wheels. It has complete sets of both the steel and rubber tired road wheels, standard and Flammvernichter exhausts, early and late engine cooling fans, rounded and "chin" gun mantlets, and many other optional parts. If the model builder is willing to add Zimmerit, or the IR "U-shaped" guard, or AM late idlers, any manufacturer's variation of the Panther G can be built from this one kit making it an excellent value. (Unfortunately, I believe that DML has taken it out of production.)

Since at the start of the project I was unsure of which subject vehicle I was going to build, this kit gave me the most flexibility to choose a vehicle after I got started and progressed along with my research.

Very early in the search for a particular subject, I decided to take advantage of the DML kit's suspension engineering which allows easy articulation. To make full use of this, I added the Fruil tracks to my list of accessories. The kit's "Magic" tracks would also allow the suspension to be displayed articulated, but much more planning and earlier construction of the terrain base would be required. The Fruil tracks allowed me to remain flexible in the final display choices until very near the end of the build.

The ABER turned metal gun barrel seemed to be a natural choice given the amount of extra work and detail that I planned to add with the articulated suspension and full-up AM-Works PE set.

Finally, the AM-Works set, as is shown in the photos, would add layers of fine, hyper-realistic detail to the finished build. This detail included working tool clamps, complete fenders and rear hull stowage boxes, Schurtzen (which I did not use), as well as numerous other small parts. The AM-Works engine deck screens, in particular, are a great improvement over the DML PE screens.
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