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Mold Making and Resin Casting

Lets get the mold ready to pour some resin. For a 2 part mold like this, we need to band it together tight enough to where no resin will escape from the seam. I simply take a couple of particle board blocks from the mold box, and rubber band them to the front and back of the mold, fairly tight but not tight enough to where it will deform the mold (Fig 26).

For our single mold, all we have to do is mix up some resin and pour.

We will fill our molds in the next section, making resin casts.

Cleanup: What do you do with your mixing bowls, spatulas and any containers with cured silicone? Toss them right? No, re-use them! Since RTV only bonds to itself, you can easily peel away all cured silicone from your tools and containers and they will be as good as they were before you started.

That covers our mold making section. Silicone is really easy to work with and I hope that I have been able to help you on your way to making nice molds of your work. My way isn't the only way. But I have found that these are the methods that work well for me. Give them a try!
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