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Mold Making and Resin Casting

Some have asked me about mold release. I personally do not use it for a couple of reasons. First, it is not necessary. Your parts should come cleanly out of the molds on their own without the aid of a release. Secondly, some resins and mold releases can react to each other and ruin your castings. You should be able to get 75 - 100 casts out of a single mold. After awhile, the oils in the silicone will breakdown and your castings will start to stick a bit. There is a solution to this that will net you many more castings and revitalize your molds. When your parts start to stick (usually after 20 or so castings) place your mold in a 250 degree F oven for a couple of hours. This redistributes the oils thus reconditioning the molds.
A note about re-casting:
Whenever you make a mold, unless it is your own work such as a sculpt or scratch-built part, you have to take into consideration the ethics of what you are about to do. Remember, if it is not your work, it is somebody else's, and copying that work, however innocent it may be, is still probably a copyright violation to the licensee of some sort. While I doubt that any of the companies involved would get too upset about you making a few copies for yourself, distributing those copies is another story and this practice can lead to big problems for you and whoever is involved.

Another even more frowned upon by your peers example of re-casting would be to copy a forum members hard work without their express permission. Even if it is just making copies for yourself, it is an unethical practice that has garnered many a violator banned from certain other forums. While I don't think we would have that problem here on Armorama, it is still an important point to make and one not to be taken lightly. So use discretion whenever you copy a piece that did not originate from you. Show the artist the respect they deserve and harmony will abound!

That about covers it. I hope this article has helped you in gaining a basic understanding of molding and casting. If you have any questions about anything to do with this subject, please feel free to contact me on the forum. I am there quite often!! Happy modeling.
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