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Mold Making and Resin Casting

Holding your mixing bowl 8 - 12 inches above the mold box, begin pouring a thin stream into a corner away from your part(s). Let the silicone flow over the part (Fig 7). This is also important in insuring that no air bubbles get trapped against the part(s) and that there are no voids in the mold. Once poured, you will see the silicone start to de-air as bubbles will rise to the surface of the mold.

Once all of the mix is poured, let it sit for 4 hours. (I usually mix before I go to bed or leave the shop at night and then de-mold my parts in the morning, but 4 hours is all you need for the 1/1 type rapid cure RTV) Your part should be gently coaxed from the mold, but should come out rather easily (Fig 8 and 8a).

That is it for your Single one-piece mold! We will make parts with this mold later. Now, lets make a more complex 2-part mold.
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