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Home-Made Boxes of Soda

Soda Makes it's mark
Recently, I submitted photos of my 9-year-old daughter's civilian M151A2 MUTT loaded with camping gear and supplies. Included in the back was two cases of soda, one 12 pack of Mountain Dew and a 24 pack of Sprite. I got all sorts of replies about how great my Daughter's MUTT was. I also got many questions of, “Where did you get the soda boxes?”

Making the boxes
Basically, I made them myself. They are actually easy to do. I made them in the same way as commercial ration boxes are made. The boxes are laid out on a sheet of paper darker lines outline the panels. Cut on these lines and fold just like a regular box. For the images, I copied {digital} photos of the covers of soda boxes and resized (manipulated) them to 1/33 scale.
On the side is an example of how to fold the boxes. The green areas are folded and become the inner flaps of the box. First you cut the box from the paper along the outer edges. Next cut the flaps apart in the white areas between them. Then fold the box into shape along all the black lines using the edge of a sharp Exacto knife to ensure a straight and sharp edge. To build the box, glue and attach the triangular flap to the opposite end of the box. Now fold the smaller flaps in first, then the long ones. Now glue the ends together with the printed flap on the outside. (note: the first image of the single box is to give you a rough idea of how to lay out your individual boxes. It is not to scale)

That is it. You now have a 12-pack of soda for all thirsty, hard working figures. Here is a direct link to MSN. Open this and save it to your hard drive. This is a zipped up file with a power point slide in it. Save it, unzip it, open it, and print it - Soda boxes


Note: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Mountain Dew are covered by Copyright 2005 © PepsiCo Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite are covered by copyright ©2003 The Coca-Cola Company

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