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Make Tracks!

Part 1 : Picking Up The Pieces

I build my tracks by making small sub sections of 5 to 10 track links, which I then join together. I build these sections by first laying out the pieces I am going to use (figure 1.1).

I put a dab of glue in each of the grooves in the track (the red lines show where I apply the glue), and then add another track link into the one I just applied glue to. I find that instead of sliding the new link in, pushing it down from the top works better. I then repeat this until I have a section of 5 links (figures 1.2, 1.3, 1.4).

Now to make the track totally flat I put my file (any flat stick or ruler would do) across all the links and press down on it (figure 1.5).

Part 2 : Track over Drive Wheel

Now I let the section sit for about1 min to let the glue dry a little. Once Im happy its dry a bit and will not fall apart I place it on the tank's drive sprocket (figure 2.1).

Then I bend it around the sprocket and let it dry for about 1 hour (figure 2.2).

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Copyright 2002 - Text and Photos by Bob Lester (Sohcahtoa) All Rights Reserved.

Project Photos

figure 1.1

figure 1.2

figure 1.3

figure 1.4

figure 1.5

figure 2.1

figure 2.2

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