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Make Tracks!

Part 3 : Adding more Track

Once that is dry, I build another flat section of track about 10 links long (figure 3.1). I take the dried section off the sprocket and glue the new section to it. I let it sit for about 1 min. You can see in the picture how I used a bottle of paint to help hold up the curved dry section (figure 3.2).

Then I put the track back on the sprocket and put the sprocket with the track on it on the model (figure 3.3).

Then I bend the track however I want it (figure 3.4).

I let that sit for 1 hour before I continue. When it's dry I make another section of track 10 links long and add it to the already dried tracks, the same way as mentioned above.

Part 4 : Extending Track from Drive Wheel to Road Wheels

I like to build the top section of a track first but here I built the section that finishes the track on the sprocket and goes under the road wheels first (figure 4.1). This helps to hold the drive sprocket in place (figure 4.2 and 4.3).

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Copyright 2002 - Text and Photos by Bob Lester (Sohcahtoa) All Rights Reserved.

Project Photos

figure 3.1

figure 3.2

figure 3.3

figure 3.4

figure 4.1

figure 4.2

figure 4.3

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