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Historicus Forma

SCAHMS California Show 2006

This show report is a little late in coming. However since it now coincides with the launch of our new historical miniatures site, Historicus Forma, I am happy to write about it and share some of the photos I took at the show. As usual the SCAHMS (Southern California Area Historical Miniatures Society) California Show for 2006 was a well run show with plenty to see, lots of people to meet, and vendors a plenty. Perhaps not a "huge" show by comparison to some IPMS or regional shows, the SCAHMS show is better known for quality of work and not quantity. In the 3 years since I started attending the show I think the attendance has actually gone down slightly, but this has not in the least changed my opinion that this show is one not to be missed, especially if you live in the southwest. The show is widely attended by professional and amateur miniaturists from all over the world.

Of course the foundation of the show is the club that runs it, SCAHMS (www.scahms.org). SCAHMS was founded in 1985 by Don Freeman, Bill Horan, Steve Sexton, and Brian Stewart. The club is going strong some 21 years later under the leadership of Dave Kennedy, Barry King, Bill Horan, and others.

The show has a range of modeling genres including traditional historical miniatures, as well as 1/35 scale military and even a fantasy piece here and there. This year's show had many notable entries like a shadowbox diorama of Elvis' last moments as seen through the keyhole of his bathroom door. Also present was a new sea diorama by Joseph Neumeyer of Dynamic Dioramas (www.dynamicdioramas.org). A 1/192 scratch built USS Iowa refitted with next-generation weapons and on the prowl complete with Navy Seal teams.

Armorama had a table at the show for a second year running now and I was happy to meet with quite a few people. Thanks go out to Charles Reading, Chuck Shanley, Lou Castillo (and my apologies to anyone I am forgetting as it's been a few months) for helping out with the table and keeping me company.

Without further adieu, here are some of my photo picks from the show...

  • SCAHMS 2006 - Photos by Jim Starkweather
    The Armorama table, well manned by Lou (spades).
  • SCAHMS 2006 - Photos by Jim Starkweather
    Charles Reading takes a close look at Neumeyer’s latest project, a 1/192 scale USS New Jersey.
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