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General items for sale by poster.
FS/FT: Armor, Figs, Air, 1 Ship & 1 Sci-fi
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Illinois, United States
Joined: March 24, 2006
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Posted: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 - 08:47 AM UTC
I've consolidated my armor and aircraft lists into one post. I've also lowered some of my prices...

I have the following kits for sale or for trade. All kits are complete and un-started unless otherwise noted. I accept, check, money order and PayPal (please add 4% to total) Prices do NOT include shipping.

If you are interested in trying to work out a trade, please see my “wants list” below. I am only accepting trades for the items listed below. Unfortunately, trades/swaps only with US/Canada residents due to prohibitive postage costs. Sorry.

If you are interested in any of my kits, please contact me direct at patrix1@sbcglobal.net .


Patrick Keenan
Aurora, IL

Armor Kits (1/35 unless otherwise noted)

Sdkfz 138 Ausf M. “Grille” $8

1/24 Willys MB 1/4 Ton Jeep $15

AMX-13 Vehicule Transport de Blesses $15

1/72 60 Pounder Mk II Field Gun $15
1/72 M35A1/A2 Cargo Truck $15

Revell of Germany
TPz-1 Fuchs A6 ABC Vehicle $11
M1038 HMMWV Cargo Carrier with Canvas Top (#3027) $7

Humber Mark I Armored Car $32

PZKFW IV Ausf. H (Early Version- Newer Tooling) $23

12.8 Selbstfahrlafette L61 Sturer Emil $16

Armor Accessories (all 1/35)

AEF Designs
Flakpanzer 38t Conversion $16

Cornerstone Models
Pzkfw IV HL120 TRM Engine $3

HMMWV with M242 Bushmaster PE Detail Set (#35209 - For Older Tamiya Kit) $3
Eduard M-998 HMMWV Cargo Express Mask (Revell of Germany) $1 (Free with HMMWV Purchase)

MR Modellbau
Transportpanzer 1 Fuchs Detail Set (MRA3598) $18
Transportpanzer 1 Fuchs Radersatz Wheel Set (MRA3597) $18

The Show Modelling
PZKFW VI King Tiger (Henschel Turret) Zimmerit Coating (for Tamiya kit) $6

Figures (all 1/35)

German Ski Troops $5
2nd Fallschirmjager Division (Kirovograd, Winter 1942/43) $5
3rd Fallschirmjager Division (Ardennes 1944) Part 2 $5
Fallschirmjager Battalion 500 (Drvar 1944) $5
Fallschirmjager Regiment 3 (Sicily 1943) $5
German Fallschirmjager (Monte Cassino 1944) $5
Hedgerow Tank Hunters (Fallschirmjager- Normandy 1944) $5
Red Army Scouts & Snipers $5
U.S. 101st Air Assault "Screaming Eagles" (Modern) $5
U.S. Marine Tank Killers $5

German Tank Engine Maintenance Crew Set $5


1/350 U.S.S. Missouri BB-63 $50


Star Wars Millennium Falcon $15

Aircraft Kits

Accurate Miniatures
1/48 RAF Mustang IA Photo Recon kit $18
1/48 Yak 1 Fighter (Lydia Litvak) $16

1/48Yakolev Yak-7B "Vorozejkin" (Missing Figures) $4

1/48 Lagg-3 Fighter $6

1/48 Focke-Wulf FW 190A3 $15
1/48 Dornier DO-335A Pfeil w/ Kettenkraftrad $19
1/48 Dornier DO-335B-2 Pfeil Heavily Armed Version $19
1/48 Nakajima Gekko (Irving) Type 11 Night Fighter (Early) $22

Aircraft Detail & Conversion Sets

Black Magic/Cutting Edge
1/32 Heinkel HE-162 Mask (Revell) $1 (Free with any Purchase)

Cutting Edge
1/48 MIG-21 MF Cockpit Detail Set $23

1/48 Yak-3 National Marking Masks/Promask 2005 (48-031) $2
1/48 F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel Color Detail Set (49-257) $12

Gremlin Models
1/48 Yak-7 Correction Set $23

True Details
1/72 Messerschmidt Bf-110E/F/G Wheel Set $1
(2X) 1/48 FW-190A/D - Blown Hood (Tamiya) Canopy Mask $1 each
(2x) 1/48 1000 lb. General Purpose Bombs $2 each
(3x) 1/48 500 lb. General Purpose Bombs $2 each

1/48 Supermarine Spitfire B Wing Cannons $2

Armor Kit Wants

1/35 Armored Car Kits
1/35 Academy M1025 HMMWV
1/35 Academy M1046 TOW HMMWV
1/35 ADV/Azimut Panhard AMX-10 “Desert Storm” Armored Car
1/35 ADV/Azimut Panhard AMX-10RC Armored Car
1/35 ADV/Azimut Panhard ERC-90 Sagaei Armored Car
1/35 AFV Club M1128 MGS (35128) (when available)
1/35 Commanders Series Canadian Otter Mark I Armored Car
1/35 Cromwell Vickers Mk VIa Tankette
1/35 Cromwell Vickers Mk VIc Tankette
1/35 Cromwell Models 6x6 Cougar MRAP (CK110) (When available)
1/35 Eagle CZ Sdkfz 254 Sauer RK-7 tracked/wheeled vehicle (35C111)
1/35 Eagle CZ Sauer RK-7 with Panzer I Turret (35C 114)
1/35 IMA Beaverette III “Beaverbug” Armored Car
1/35 Italeri Land Rover 109
1/35 PanzerShop ShKH vz. 77 152mm SPG “Dana” (35C133)
1/35 Plus Model M422A1 Mighty Mite Jeep (294)
1/35 Revell of Germany Series III Land Rover 109
1/35 Toro Model Improvised Armored Car: Kubus (35016)
1/35 Trumpeter B1 Centauro (when available)
1/35 Wespe Models C15TA 4x4 APC -Open Cab (35027)

Armor Conversion/Detail Set Wants
1/35 Armored Car Detail Sets and Conversions
1/35 Azimut IDF Tsahal Armored Car Conversion (35177)
1/35 Blast Models M1132 ESV w/ V-Blade Surface Mine Plow Conversion (BL35139K)
1/35 JP Hobby Willys Jeep with 3.7cm AT Gun (35017)
1/35 JP Hobby Willys Jeep with M10/14 Rocket Launcher (35016)
1/35 Mouse-House Armor Improvised IDF Armored Car (based on the M3A1) (MA203)
1/35 Resicast WASP Mark I (35175) or Wasp Mk II (35173) Conversion
1/35 Terre Modeles BD-3 75mm M1897 on CMP 60L (TM011)

Armor Book Wants

Books on Armored Cars
AUSTRALIAN MILITARY EQUIPMENT PROFILES – Volume 3: Australian Scout and Armoured Cars (1933 – 1945)
Aztex Corp. (WW II Photo Album Series) “Panzers in Russia 1943-1945”
”Fighting Vehicles and Weapons of Rhodesia (1965-1980)” by Peter Locke & Peter DF Cooke
Frontline Illustrations -”Red Army Medium Armored Cars in Action”
Hunnicutt Armor Books (accept U.S. Armored Cars/US Halftracks/Bradley)
“Irish Army Armoured Cars” by Karl Martin
MBI Publishing “Praga LT vz.38 / PzKpfw.38(t)”
MBI Publishing “Skoda LT vz.35”
MBI Publishing “Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer”
“Panzer Tracts # 7.1: Panzerjaeger (3.7 cm Tak to Pz.Sfl.Ic) by Thomas Jentz
“Panzer Tracts # 7.2: Panzerjaeger (Marder I, II, and 38T) by Thomas Jentz
“Panzer Tracts # 7.3: Panzerjaeger (7.5 cm Pak 40/4 to 8.8 cm Waffentraeger) by Thomas Jentz
“Panzer Tracts #12: FLAK & FLAKpanzers” by Thomas Jentz
“Panzer Tracts #18: PzKpfw 38 (t)” by Thomas Jentz
Profile Publications Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World Series. Volume 3 “British & Commonwealth AFV’s 1940-1946”
Tankograd’s “Danske Haeren: Vehicles of the Modern Danish Army”
Tankograd’s “Kubelwagen Type 82: From Military Beetle to Schwimmwagen”
Tankograd’s “Armored HEMTT”
“Wheels of the RAF” by Bruce Robertson

Aircraft Book Wants

Osprey “Aircraft of the Aces” #14 – P-38 Lightning Aces of the Pacific and CBI