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Constructive Feedback
For in-progress or completed build photos. Give and get contructive feedback!
Building AFV Club's new T-34! (with Interior)
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Georgia, United States
Joined: June 19, 2007
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Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 - 02:49 AM UTC
Looking good. Funny thing this sure looks like the 1/16 trumpeter that was scaled down!
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Taipei, Taiwan / 台灣
Joined: October 04, 2008
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Posted: Friday, December 04, 2009 - 02:07 AM UTC
Here are the post -1942 type tracks installed:

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Kobenhavn, Denmark
Joined: July 20, 2006
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Posted: Friday, December 04, 2009 - 02:14 AM UTC
Looks good, Ted. Looking forward to see the kit with full tracks.
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Taipei, Taiwan / 台灣
Joined: October 04, 2008
KitMaker: 453 posts
Armorama: 304 posts
Posted: Saturday, December 05, 2009 - 07:12 PM UTC
Although a Model 1940/41 hasn't yet been announced, the 1943 T-34/76 "Mickey Mouse" (two turret hatches) model is now available for sale in Taiwan. Stay tuned for a review very shortly...
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Maryland, United States
Joined: September 15, 2005
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Posted: Monday, December 07, 2009 - 01:26 AM UTC
Hey Ted, On the box art for the hex turret the rear wall hinges look like the large factory 112 type and not the petite factory 183 type. Is that really the case on the plastic model? Is 1940/41 model planned as well?
Thanks, DK
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Alberta, Canada
Joined: October 01, 2007
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Posted: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 - 02:00 AM UTC

Quoted Text

Quoted Text


The AFVC tracks are really nice and very reasonably priced but are you going to use the type in photo on your model?

These would be common on later production Model '40s and many Model '41s (from time to time you may even see them on Model '42s but I suspect these were added well after production) but I have never seen them on any Factory 112 made tank.

The cast "waffle" pattern links would be more appropriate.

Never say never, when it comes to T-34s. LOL!

This T-34 was built at Krasnoe in February or early March 1942 with these tracks and probably with an M-17 motor. In another photo one can see the small round transmission hatch.

In large part you are correct. Most Krasnoe Sormovo T-34s were delivered with waffle tracks of one form or another, but in early 1942 they had not started to make tracks there. They were supposed to get them from STZ, but when the river froze it was impossible to ship anything by barge from Stalingrad. Tracks were in very short supply there, and for a time there were finished tanks parked without them.

These links are typical of KhPZ tanks (with a footnote about "chevron" tracks) and most everyone else's until the spring of 1942, when each producer went their own way and started making unique types of track. At that time Zavod No. 112 was using waffle tracks similar to the STZ track links, 550mm wide, and in 1943 they were using 500mm waffle track like everyone else. That's the type of track in the AFV Club kit you refer to. I like both set very much.


Scott Fraser
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Arizona, United States
Joined: July 15, 2004
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Posted: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 - 04:18 AM UTC
No, no. What I was trying to say is that I have never seen 550mm "plate" tracks of this type on the version of the tank depicted in the kit though I have seen them on certain other Model '42s from other manufacturers of the T-34 (specifically a recovered Factory 183 produced OT-34 and one or two others).
I've been trying not to get too arcane when the subject in question is specific, though I really could have been clearer, since it can get very complicated and, more often than not, just confuses the issue with anyone who isn't a huge T-34 fan.
Now if you can find a tank from a later production batch (of the type depicted in the kit) with 550mm plates I'll be able to change the statement "I've never seen" to something else.