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Campaigns: What's Your Opinion?
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Kikladhes, Greece / Ελλάδα
Joined: September 30, 2003
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Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 - 11:14 PM UTC
thoughi am new to armorama, i d like to tell a few things.
I ve started modelling at my 12-13, with a classmate that we had same interests.after 1-2 years of together modelling (we had a room dedicated in his house), specific hours of every day that we had to model and a planning of what to do , we started to do similiar things . Lets say i did a BMW in 1/35 he did the ZUNDAPP in 1/35 or different conversions of same model.It was much fun to have this kind of stuff made and also this way.
I believe after all these years, now that i am 35 , that modelling gives the offer o be member of a special community with people of high skill, sesitive, and capable.
Campaign thing is something very good cause :
You have to finish in a certain time
You do something similiar with others and have something in common to solve problems and exchange ideas.
Ypu sign up for something and when completed youre proud of your effort and your discipline.
i could go on for thousands words but is of no use.
I say yes, to well organized campaigns with rules that have to be keeped strictly, else you loose it.
i am organizing my work methods again after all these years so that i ll be ready to respond to the call of duty and be a proud member of some campaigns.
Cheers to you all
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Michigan, United States
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Posted: Thursday, October 02, 2003 - 04:14 PM UTC
Thoughts on Campaigns...

First off I love ‘em! CWCO was my first Campaign and not coincidentally my first kit completed in 20 years or so. I was motivated, inspired, helped and yes I had a deadline to finish by, so I did- barely!

I learned a lot, received a lot of help and most important (to me at least) I had a lot of fun! To me that is THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS HOBBY! FUN! When it ceases to be fun I will be gone. There was a sense of camaraderie involved in the CWCO, and I suspect in other Campaigns as well.

Now there is a discussion regarding the future tempo and “feel” to Campaigns- I have some thoughts and opinions (OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER- These are just my opinions- nothing more and nothing less). Bear in mind I am relatively new to ARMORAMA...but my experience in the hobby includes 35 or so years in the hobby (yes it has been a looong time since I built a kit, but I never left the hobby) and I owned a Hobbyshop for 5 years.

What follows are my opinions in no particular order...

Campaigns MUST have rules! AND they must be adhered to! Otherwise the Campaign loses its’ point.

Ribbons are perfect for Campaigns if you meet the rules and deadline. The ribbons show you did “your job”. Prizes are pointless to me! From what I have read, contests too often seem to bring “politics” into play and we DO NOT NEED THAT HERE! Furthermore you simply cannot judge a kit from a photo! What you wind up judging is photography, NOT models. I am not interested in competing here! I want to learn, to make some friends and acquaintances, and HAVE FUN!

Scheduling...I think that the Campaign Originator/Creator should take the PRIMARY role in the organization and management of their Campaigns. They should be WILLING and ABLE to take responsibility for their Campaigns. Limiting the number of Campaigns to 4-6 per year seems too restrictive to me. I think that there should be 2 Campaigns per Category per Year. This gives the AIRPLANE ONLY or ARMOR ONLY guy 2 opportunities per year! Only 4 Campaigns per year would limit some folks to only one (or maybe not even that) Campaign annually. That seems too restrictive!

Submitting Campaign ideas in advance seems to make sense, but may stifle people’s creative processes. If you come up with a GREAT IDEA (in your mind anyhow) in the first quarter of the campaign cycle you may be reluctant to submit it since it will be 9+ months before it is considered...maybe the only way this would work would be for ALL Campaign ideas to be submitted privately to the “Campaign Approval Board”.

Bottom line for me...
2-3 Campaigns per category per year
Ribbons YES
Awards/Contest NO
Campaign Rules are CRUCIAL
Campaign originator must be the PRIMARY manager for the Campaign
Fun is the goal