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Photo sizing issue...
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Posted: Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 06:37 AM UTC
Many of you have reported an issue with the full-size photos in articles. When you click on the photo sometimes the photo doesn't seem as large as it should be. There is a good reason for this I found. Our new lightbox script is adjusting the window based on your computers screen resolution and size. To test this simply size your browser window down and click on a photo thumbnail. As you will see the new pop-up window resizes itself based on the new available space. So... the best solution for those having an issue with this is to max your window to your screen size and also check to make sure you aren't running your computer with too low of a screen resolution. For example the Internet use to work okay for people in 640 x 480 mode about 10 years ago and it didn't take long before 800 x 600 was the lowest support resolution. Today that is shifting around a lot due to devices like the iPad, and that is likely why this new version of our lightbox photo viewer uses this more dynamic version for enlargements.

You can still access the full-size photo by right-clicking and telling the browser to open it in a new window or tab.