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For in-progress or completed build photos. Give and get contructive feedback!
Tasca M4A1 Grizzly Guardian
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Posted: Saturday, March 15, 2014 - 04:05 PM UTC
Looks like a pretty ambitious project Matt. I'll be looking in on the progress.
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Posted: Saturday, March 15, 2014 - 01:10 PM UTC

Doesn't he look cute, I think it's the little fluffy ears and the narrow set eyes that do it to be honest, they're always a good recipe for cuteness in my book, but the mouth? That big scary mouth, well,..that's another story altogether, and probably best left for another day, so let's not dwell on that too much, it's probably all just bluff and bluster...

Rachael - "Do you like our Owl?"
Deckard - "It's artificial?"
Rachael - "Of course it is."
Deckard - "Must be expensive?"
Rachael - "Very. I'm Rachael."
Deckard - "Deckard."

Sherman M4A1 Grizzly

The plan, if it can be called a plan (I tend to call it a bad idea) is to build the Sherman M4A1 Grizzly, which is simply a Canadian version of the Sherman M4A1, the Grizzly, as it was known, never saw any actual combat, but was used for training purposes in Canada, and after the war the Grizzly was sold on to other countries around the world.

Why build a Grizzly? Well, as the picture below shows very well, they do look kinda good, slightly different to your more average M4A1, mainly because of the unusual tracks that they were fitted with, these are the Canadian Dry Pin tracks (CDP) which are similar in appearance, on the front face, to the German Panzer III/IV tracks, and this makes the Grizzly stand out from the crowd.

The New Hull

The first job, pictures below, is to build a new hull, the Tasca kit that's being used comes with a riveted hull and I need a welded hull, early M4A1's used a riveted construction for the lower hull, but gradually this was changed to a welded construction, and all of these Canadian M4A1's had the later welded hull.

The Tasca riveted lower hull can be easily converted to a welded hull by simply shaving of all the rivits and making a few other minor changes, Tasca even tell you how to do this in the instructions, but I fancied doing it the fun way/hard way/stupid way, take your pick...

Test Fitting

The second job, pictures below, is to make sure the new lower hull fits the standard Tasca M4A1 upper hull, it needs to be a nice 'snap fit' without putting any force on either the lower hull sponsons or the Tasca upper hull, the lower hull is glued together with CA, so we don't want any pressure acting on the sponsons or the side plates, just in case a joint snaps, this just takes a bit of time and fine tuning of the sponson edges.

Bolt detail can be seen already added to the lower side plates, along the front edge, this is in preparation for the final drive assembly (FDA) It's simply easier to get these done now before the FDA is worked on.

More to follow soon.