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Large amount of books for sale!
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Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Joined: May 22, 2012
KitMaker: 112 posts
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Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 10:29 PM UTC
Because I am running out of space I'm selling some of my books on military history, mainly on WWII subjects. All books are in read but good condition! I will update the list once I've sorted the rest, but if you are looking for a particular subject I can take a look for you.

Prices are without shipping, but I'm willing to make you a deal of you buy two books or more! I'm also willing to trade, if you have an interesting proposition.

If interested, send me a PM here, or write me an email to [email protected] so I can send you a photo pf the book and we can figure out how and where to ship.

TITLE subtitle, author, year of publishing, hard or softback, price in

* in German
** in Dutch
*** in French



Weyers TACHENBUCH DER KRIEGSFLOTTEN 1941/42, 1941, HB * 40

Weyers TACHENBUCH DER KRIEGSFLOTTEN 1943/44, 1982, HB * 20

WARSHIPS OF WORLD WAR II, H.T. Lenton & J.J. Colledge, 1973, HB 20

THE SEA HUNTERS escort carriers v. U-Boats 1941-1945, Kenneth Poolman, 1982, HB 7,50

BLOODY WINTER revised edition, John M. Waters, 1967, HB 17,50

CHRONIK DES SEEKRIEGES 1939-45, J. Rohwer & G. Hmmelchen, 1968, HB * 25

ESCORT CARRIER 1941-1945, Kenneth Poolman, 1972, HB 12,50

THE LITTLE GIANTS u.s. escort carriers against japan, William T. YBlood, 1987, HB 22,50

ALLIED ESCORT SHIPS OF WORLD WAR II a complete survey, Peter Elliot, 1977, HB 50

UNITED STATES SUBMARINE OPERATIONS in world war II, Theodore Roscoe, 1988, HB 40

UNITED STATES DESTROYER OPERATIONS in world war II, Theodore Roscoe, 1988, HB 40

CRUISERS OF WORLD WAR TWO an international encyclopedia, M.J. Whitley, 1995, HB 25

THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY a battle history of, Paul S. Dull, 1978, HB 20

THE LIBERTY SHIPS, L.A. Sawyer & W.H. Mitchell, 1985, SB 22,50

THE JAPANESE NAVY IN WORLD WAR II in the words of former japanese naval officers, David. C. Evans 1986, HB 30

DE SLAG OM DE JAVAZEE, David Thomas, 1975, HB ** 12,50

SOVIET WARSHIPS of the second world war, Jrg Meister, 1977, HB 25

GERMAN WARSHIPS of the second world war, H.T. Lenton, 1975, HB 20


THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY, A.J Watts & B.G. Gordon, 1971, HB 35

THE FLOWER CLASS CORVETTE AGASSIZ anatomy of the ship, John McKay & John Harland 1993, HB 22,50

THE DESTROYER THE SULLIVANS anatomy of the ship, Al Ross, 1988, HB 22,50

THE DESTROYER ESCORT ENGLAND anatomy of the ship, Al Ross, 1985, HB 22,50
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Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Joined: May 22, 2012
KitMaker: 112 posts
Armorama: 97 posts
Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 10:29 PM UTC

TON-UP LANCS a photographic history of the thirty-five RAF lancasters that each completed one hundred sorties, Norman Franks, 2005, HB 17,50

BEYOND COURAGE air sea rescue walrus squadrons in the adriatic mediterranean and thyrrhenian seas 1942-1945, Norman Franks, 2003, HB 12,50

ENEMY COAST AHEAD uncensored, Guy Gibson, 2003, HB 17,50

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT new zealanders in bomber command, Max Lambert, 2005, SB 15

JAPANESE ARMY AIR FORCE FIGHTER UNITS AND THEIR ACES 1931-1945, Ikuhiko Hata, Yasuho Izawa & Christopher Shores, 2002, HB 27,50

COASTAL COMMAND IN ACTION 1939-1945, Roy Conyers Nesbit, 2000, HB 12,50

ABOVE THE TRENCHES a complete record of the fighter aces and units of the british empire air forces 1915-1920, Christopher Shores, Norman Franks & Russel Guest, 1996, HB 25

ABOVE THE LINES a complete record of the fighter aces of the german air service, naval air service and flanders marine corps 1914-1918, Norman Franks, Frank W. Bailey & Russel Guest, 1998, HB 22,50

THE LUFTWAFFE FIGHTERS BATTLE OF BRITAIN the inside story; july-october 1940, Chris Goss, 2000, HB 12,50

THE GREATEST SQUADRON OF THEM ALL the definitive history of 603 (city of edinburgh) squadron RAUXAF volume I formation tot he end of 1940, David RossBruce Blanche & Willian Simpson, 2003, HB 22,50

NIGHT AIRWAR personal recollections of the conflict over europe 1939-45, Theo Boiten, 1999, HB 20 --pending--
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Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Joined: May 22, 2012
KitMaker: 112 posts
Armorama: 97 posts
Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 10:30 PM UTC

AIRBORNE EQUIPMENT a history of its development, John Weeks, 1976, HB 7,50

ACROSS THE REEF the amphibious tracked vehicle at war, Victor J. Croizat, 1989, HB 12,50

KOMMANDO german special forces of world war two, James Lucas, 2000, HB 7,50

KNIGHTS OF THE IRON CROSS a history 1939-1945, Gordon Williamson 1987, HB 15

ACES OF THE REICH, Gordon Williamson, 1989, SB 7,50

DE JAPANSE AANVAL OP JAVA, J.J. Nortier P Kuijt & P.M.H Groen, 1994, HB ** 15

MIT SCHWERTERN UND BRILLANTEN die trger der hchsten deutschen tapferkeitsauszeichnung, Gnter Fraschka, 2002, HB * 12,50

HEROES IN DEATH the von blcher brothers in the fallschirmjger, Adrian Nisbett, 2014, HB 22,50

MOURIR POUR SAINT-LO juillet 1944 la bataille des haies, Didier Lodieu, 2007, HB *** 17,50

GREEN DEVILS! German paratroopers 1939-1945, Jean-Yves Nasse, 1997, HB 22,50

LES LIONS DE CARENTAN fallschirmjger-regiment 6 1943-1945, Volker Griesser, 2005, HB *** 17,50

STORMING EAGLES german airborne forces in world war two, James Lucas, 1988, HB 17,50

DIE 6.PANZERDIVISION 1937-1945, H. Scheibert, 1975, HB * 12,50

THE LONGEST WINTER the battle of the bulge and the epic story of world war IIs most decorated platoon, Alex Kershaw, 2004, HB 12,50

HITLERS SKY WARRIORS german paratroopers in action 1939-1945, Christopher Ailsby, 2000, HB 12,50

FALLSCHIRMJGER die geschichte der deutschen luftlandetruppen im zweiten weltkrieg, Chris McNab, 2000, HB * 12,50

STURMARTILLERIE die dramatische geschichte einer waffengattung 1939-1945, Franz Kurowski & Gottfried Tornau, 1977, HB * 40

SPEARHEADING D-DAY american special units in normandy, Jonathan Gawne, 1999, HB 25

1944 AMERICANS IN BRITTANY the battle for brest, Jonathan Gawne, 2002, HB