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Dioramas: Buildings & Ruins
Ruined buildings and city scenes.
Hosted by Darren Baker
"Reconstruction" Eastern Europe
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Posted: Saturday, December 08, 2018 - 03:09 PM UTC
Many parts of East Berlin still looked bad as late as 1988. In particular Museum Island which was the location for five (?) pretty significant museums, one of which held part of the wall of Babylon. I visited that one, but some others were in such a state of disrepair it was hard to believe a Communist government would let foreigners see what a shambles it was. I'm sure all of the tour guides blamed it on Western Imperialism and Militarism.
Even my own apartment block in Wedding in the French sector had shrapnel holes in the courtyard, and I'm pretty sure the patched holes in my ceiling and floor were the result of something fairly unpleasant. In fact, it was about 1986 when the government started subsidizing repairs for a lot of the apartment blocks (and I'm sure other buildings as well) to put a good face on Berlin for their 750th birthday in 1987. By the the time I went back on a pass from Afghanistan in 2003 Alex and a lot of the locales in the East had actually surpassed the West portions due the reunification efforts. I'd say that was probably the biggest impetus in getting things rebuilt.
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Posted: Saturday, December 08, 2018 - 02:04 PM UTC
Not an expert am I and yet I learned in German class, and then in Germany in 2008, that the Soviets were harsh with Eastern Europe after VE-Day. The Soviets took everything of value back to Russia for reparations and the Iron Curtain countries recovered slowly. The West implemented the Marshall Plan but reconstituting countries under Soviet rule was not in Stalin's plans. Eastern Europe rebuilt slower than the West.
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Posted: Saturday, December 08, 2018 - 10:42 AM UTC
I was thinking of East Germany, but also of the rest of the nations in Soviet-era Europe. How exactly was Eastern Europe's rebuilding handled? I remember reading that the Reconstruction period after the US Civil War was a much unhappier time than what we were taught in school.