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LAH in the Ardennes
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Posted: Wednesday, January 08, 2020 - 11:20 PM UTC

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I'm against removing it.

Gents, the history of the war is certainly bloody. I don't at all advocate "just staying on track and admiring modeling skills." I think Jerry is a GREAT modeler, no question about it, and it's a shame he chose to take his ball and go home. I think it's perfectly fine to model Peiper, who commanded one of the most-famous and most-accomplished Waffen SS units. The LAH got all the latest toys and were accomplished fighters.

But Peiper is a polarizing figure at best.

And I'm totally stunned that anyone would justify the barbarity of the Waffen SS in general and Peiper in particular (and Heer German units like Grossdeutschland) by saying they "endured" a lot on the Eastern Front.

Bloody hell, man, that's like the fellow who murdered his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court because he was an orphan.

The Einsatzgruppen (look them up if you don't know who I mean) and gas vans followed right behind the German front line troops as they advanced through the USSR murdering Jews, Gypsies, and ordinary civilians in a policy that actually diverted military strength away from war to wage war on innocent people. Does the name Babi Yar mean nothing anymore? Please don't equate what happened there with the bombing of Germany's cities. One was done to shorten the war, the other to exterminate whole classes of people who were considered Untermenschen unworthy of life. When I visited Dachau outside Munich, there was a pock-marked wall where camp guards machine-gunned Russian POWs in huge numbers. The Nazis didn't bother to calculate how many were murdered because the Russians weren't considered people.

We model the machines, men and materiel of war. There is a famous quote, possibly apocryphal, from the American Civil War Confederate General Robert E. Lee who confided to a colleague during a particularly bloody Southern victory "It is well that war is so terrible otherwise we would grow too fond of it."

We can admire the machines of warfare and the modeling skills of those who build them, but let us never lose sight of what the reality of war is.

Keep the thread.

Well russians were killing pows too and they got medals for that. Maybe you will tell us now more on attrocities over palestinians by Israel troops or is it a soft spot, cant be discussed... only denied.
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Nova Scotia, Canada
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Posted: Thursday, January 09, 2020 - 02:07 AM UTC
Glad to hear you are back Jerry, I so enjoy your work and look forward to each post. I eagerly await your next project Jerry, it is such an inspiration to follow your work, and I cant wait to see the Putot episodes. Best regards.....Dale
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Noord-Holland, Netherlands
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Posted: Thursday, January 09, 2020 - 02:47 AM UTC

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Well russians were killing pows too and they got medals for that. Maybe you will tell us now more on attrocities over palestinians by Israel troops or is it a soft spot, cant be discussed... only denied.

During the history of mankind, more atrocities than can be imagined have been commited. No need to drag them all in to this post. This is a modelling forum, not one for (modern) politics.
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Posted: Thursday, January 09, 2020 - 03:56 AM UTC
Yes,I agree about the no modern politics. Jeeesh. Plenty of that around freekin EVERYWHERE.
Maybe the mods should just bin this whole thread anyway since it serves no purpose anymore and may be a magnet for un needed controversy ?
I will begin another thread if the time comes? Just a thought.
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Posted: Thursday, January 09, 2020 - 04:19 AM UTC
I'll lock it instead of binning it. Maybe it can serve some purpose. Maybe as a reminder for everyone to keep a cool head and not get carried away.
/ Robin