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too bad about the Crusader
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Posted: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 - 07:09 PM UTC
The Crusader has been cut from the budget and is no more. I didn't think it was a big deal at first, but after a little reading it looks like it could have been a great asset to the troops with it's large advantage over the M109 in speed, rate of fire, accuracy, and the range which it could shoot. I am going to try and cut and paste some data below. I will also post a link in case it doesn't work out well. O.K. the past worked somewhat readable. The first figures are for the Paladin the second is for the Crusader. Go ahead and follow the link to more info. I will also add that the site I got the info is great for military info.

Paladin vs Crusader
M109A6 Paladin CRUSADER
Rate of fire 4 shots / minute 10 shots / minute
Maximum range 30 km 40-50 km
Accuracy (25 km CEP) 155 meters 80 meters
Independent TOT 1 shot 4 shots
Company chaff control Automatic movement Automatic movement
Ammunition handling Semiautomatic automatic movement
Ammunition carrying capacity 39 shots 60 shots
Ballistic Protection Fragment DPICM
Situation recognition Manual operation Automatic movement
Chemical, biological and radiological Personal protection Collective protection
Crew 4 4
Maximum speed 56 km/hr 67 km/hr
Engine output 440 horsepower 1,500 horsepower
Off-road speed 27 km/hr 48 km/hr