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MG Gunner, Hungary 1945


When I received the package, I hurried inside and opened the box. Inside was the two 120mm DML Figures that I won in the ArmoramA article contest. They were kit #1614 13th Mountain Troop ‘Handschar’ and kit #1617 Fallschirmjager ‘Grand Sasso Rescue 1943’. I decided to start with the first kit, the Handschar feller.

The Kit

The kit is up to normal DML standard, perhaps even better as the face is very well done.

I decided early in the building that I was going to make a few adjustments to the figure and make him into a MG Gunner, in Hungary, March 1945. To do this, I would have to select a different camo pattern for the type 2 smock, and give him a helmet. The kit came with a helmet, which was very poorly detailed, so I added a couple of rivets and drilled holes where they belonged to make it more accurate to the real thing. Assembly was straight forward and with out any problems.

Painting Begins

As Always I started off painting the face. I decided to paint the head on the figure instead of painting it separate. So after I primed the whole figure in a light gray I painted the skin tones base coat. I used Apple Barrel Acrylics (AB) Terracotta and AB White until I got a good skin tone. I used this mix and painted in thin layers until the face was solidly covered. While this was drying I was preparing the oils. I use Winsor Newton Oils, and for my flesh mix I use Burnt Sienna, Vandyke Brown, Tit. White, Naples Yellow, a dab of red, and a dab of Prussian Blue. I fist paint the whole face in the flesh mixed in a very thin layer, the I add burnt sienna and Vandyke brown in a 50/50 mix to the shadow areas in small dots. Then I use a size 1 soft clean brush and mix the shadows with the previously painted skin tones. After the shadows the high lights are added with pure tit. white to the high light areas, also in small dots. Then again blended with a clean brush. I repeated these 2 steps until I was satisfied with the result. Since I was portraying a veteran SS machine gunner, I wanted to show some wear and tear of bitter fighting in the past 2 months, so whiskers were added with Vandyke brown. The eyes were then painted in acrylics, and when dry, they were washed with a very thin oil wash from the original skin tone, this adds a little reddish tint to the eyes, which also helps the impression of being a tired soldier. After all this was done, I set the figure in front of a light bulb so it would get a nice flat finish and help the oils dry out faster. This is where the fun began.

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