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Poole Viking Model Show 2007

We plastic modellers can get quite excited when we talk about scratch building a few details for our models. Imaging using nothing but scrap plastic, cardboard and tin to scratch everything literally from scratch. These dioramas have been built entirely from scratch, and are a great reminder that you don't need Resin or Plaster kits to make a diorama. They also have lights installed to add that little bit of 'life', which is something that works very well, but is all but ignored by Military diorama builders. It is nice to see a non-military subject like this, and if you have the good fortune to meet a builder like this, talk to him. They have much knowledge and skill to share.

Another mention has to go to the cardboard models on display. We live in a time were we are truly spoiled with plastic and resin modelkits, and to see a display of simple, some even working, cardboard models takes you back to a time when cardboard and wood were the only medium, and helps to appreciate what we have now.
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