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Delta Force Operator - Somalia,1993

When I first started out to look for a subject to write an article about, I was looking for something that I knew something about, that I had done before. Then I went on a trip to Minnesota, where I found a local hobby shop and I saw this figure DMLs Delta Force Figure in 120mm. So I thought to my self...well, I kind of like it and I have never done a modern US figure so I thought it would be a good challenge to paint the modern camo patterns.

Assembling The Figure

So over to the modeling part, this is the first plastic figure that I have done in forever (well since like 98-99) so I had a few surprises coming to me.

The plastic figure(s) details aren't as crisp as they are in metal or resin; I'm not sure if it is the molding technique or if its the casting. So I decided to fix up a couple of things with some epoxy putty. The putty I used was green stuff, from Games Workshop (Also known as Duro Putty). I mixed equal parts of yellow and blue, which made a nice green color, I put this inside of a plastic Zip Lock bag that I had cut the sides off of so I could unfold it, and I prepared it with small amount of Vaseline so that when I rolled out the putty it would not stick to the bag. After I rolled it out to a satisfactory thickness, I cut it into the size of the elbow reinforcements and pressed it onto the figure and with a scalpel I made the seam lines. There were quite a few things that really needed the same treatment but I wanted to get the figure done, so I just did this as I thought it was the most major one. The figure required very little filler after the seams were sanded and filed with a round file. I decided to divide it up in a few sub assemblies, the head, right arm, M16A2 carbine, and the rest of the body. The reason for leaving off the right arm was so that I could paint the M16 and attach it to the right arm before I glued the right arm on the body.

After all the assemblies was cleaned up and washed in soapy warm water I primed the figure with a flat white.
Now we are ready for the painting!

Copyright 2002 text and photos by Anders Heintz. All rights reserved.

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