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Building a NTC M1A1 Abrams!

I started with the main turret (top and bottom), along with the 120mm main gun from the Dagon kit. I also used the .50 cal and 7.62mm machine guns from the Dragon kit too. The .50 and 7.62 in the Trumpeter kit weren't as detailed as the Dragon weapons. I used the side toolboxes (parts D16, D27, D19, D20, D23, D24) and rear bustle rack (parts D18, D34, D15, D17, D21, D30, D33, D35, D31, D32) from the Trumpeter kit. Construction for these parts went straight forward per their individual instructions. The Trumpeter M1A1 w/Mine Roller kit included some pieces for the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES). I snagged the HOFFMAN Device (parts F38 F40, F41), "KILL" light (parts F35, F36, F37), .50 cal blank suppressor (parts F34, F42), and RF antenna (F39) to do the job. I used lead foil and reshaped Grandt nuts and bolts to simulate the MILES straps that run along the side of the turret. I scratched built the "Combined Integrated Evaluation System (CATIES)," located at the rear left of the turret, out of discarded model pieces and Evergreen plastic stock. This system simulates a "KILL" by firing small explosive charges into the air using a radio signal. I used model car ignition wiring to cable the MILES gear. Eduards and Royal Models photo etch sets has lots of goodies to detail out the kit. Toolbox handles, tie down brackets, .50 and 7.62 details, and resin "Smoke Poppers" were added from these two sets.

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About Pete Becerra (Epi)

I am 47 years of age. I have been modeling since I was around 8 years old. As you can see from my signature, I am retired from the US Army and Texas Army National Guard. I served 6 years in active duty from 1989 to 1995 and in 1998 I joined the Texas Army National Guard and been serving up unt...