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The Spanish publishing house. Xtreme Modelling has just announced three interesting new titles of particular interest to Armor Modellers and Dioramists.
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A month or two ago, Xtreme Modelling launched a NEW series of low-cost booklets dealing with a variety of modeling techniques under the 'Black Star' label. Here's details of the latest.
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I've been lucky enough to Review the first couple of books in Xtreme Modeliing's series Elements in Combat. Both of which dealt with Diorama techniques. This New book however, is going in a slightly different direction.
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There are some great books out there on modeling techniques. However many are simply too expensive for younger modelers to buy. Here's a new, 'Low-Cost' intiative from Xtreme Modelling which should be welcome to ALL groups of modelers.
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The Spanish Publisher, Xtreme Modelling has announced their second title in a range of books dealing with aspects of terrain modeling.
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Xtreme Modelling is a Spanish publisher who are creating an excellent reputation for themselves with some extraordinarily good publications. Here's news of their latest.
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One of the more difficult aspects of dioramas, is to convincingly model water. In this new book, by the publishers of the quarterly magazine Xtreme Modelling, some interesting solutions should be available.