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In-Box Review
251/9 Ausf.D 75mm Kw/K37 (L/24)

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]


The 251/9 version of this ubiquitous german halftrack was fitted with a short-barrelled 75mm gun, which had previously been on the Panzer IV tanks. Dragon released this version as kit # 6233, which was a 3 in 1 kit offering the 'Falke' version fitted with infra red equipment, or the simple 251/1 APC version.

the photo etch frets

In this Eduard set are two frets of photo etch, one large, one small. Unlike the other Eduard set for this particular kit (35 833 'Falke'), this set does offer a lot of parts specific to the '9'.

As you would expect, all the usual items are included, such as the bracket for the gas mask cylinder in the driver's compartment, foot pedals, heating duct brackets, dashboard, MP40 brackets, radio housing, and spare vision block housings. We then get a new bracket for the extra radio in the crew compartment, the designation of which escapes me. There is also a new ammunition 'shelf' for the right-hand side of the crew compartment, which includes clips to hold the ammunnition in place.

Then we have the sidewalls for the storage lockers behind the seat backs. These, as in all the Eduard sets are slightly wrong, but can be corrected and used, they just need two of the 'tabs' cut off. There are new hinges and brackets for the underseat lockers too, as well as tool clamps, rear-view mirror etc.

We are then offered parts for improving the left-hand ammuntion locker, including a new piano hinge and the top with circular cut-outs for the shells. This is useful, as the Dragon part has these filled with facsimiles of shells (not too convincing) with 3 empty holes.

We then come to the fire extinguisher bracket for the rear door, retainer chains for the door, 2 new handles, whish are not really an improvement over the kit parts which look much better, and padlock chains for the above fender lockers. These are all parts which are included in Eduards' other 251 'D' sets, as are the rear fenders, rear Notek convoy light (late), an MG42 AA site, a belt of ammunnition, which due to the nature of photo etch looks a bit 'flat', and brackets for the crew compartment handrail, which requires you to supply your own length of wire or stretched sprue.

There is however, a lovely set of plates to represent the armoured shield around the gun, which corrects the profile of the kit parts. They do look nice as I've said, but do look a little thin. They are actually 0.3mm thick, which scales up to 10.5 cm I think, which is probably about right.

in conclusion

I like this set. I think it offers just the right amount of 'version specific' parts. I also think it represents good value for money at the price recommended.

My thanks to Eduard for the review sample

Further information is available here

Another useful set from Eduard, with many parts that can be used for other 251 versions.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35832
  Suggested Retail: $24.95
  PUBLISHED: Jan 28, 2006

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