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Book Review
“Modelling the Tiger Tank in 1/72 Scale”

by: Antonio J. R. Carvalho [ -ANTONIO- ]

information & contents

Publishing Date: 10 April 2006
Osprey Modelling 28
7.25 x 9.75 inches
80 pp
211 Color Illustrations
4 Black and White Illustrations
Written by Alex Clark


There seems to be a “rebirth” in the interest lately of the Braille Scale, or 1/72 scale models, with the many terrific new releases from Dragon Models (in which many of DML’s model kits are utilized in this publication), and the latest new additions to the Osprey Modelling series. This new manual, “Modeling the Tiger Tank in 1/72 Scale”, features not only the Tiger itself, but also it’s variants, and other German Armor subjects that are based on the Tiger Chassis.

Realistically speaking, the Tiger and armor modeling just go hand-in-hand, and no matter what the scale of your modeling choice, there seems to be at least a few variations of the Tiger available. I know there are readers out there who can trace the beginnings of the small scale models, with the Airfix 1/76 scale range, and guess what?…one of their first releases was a Tiger in this scale! This kit is still available today through both Airfix and Heller models, but the packaging is now incorrect as it states the model to be 1/72 scale.

This book is packed with general Tiger information, general modeling information, and advanced modeling technique as well. In full color step by step photo’s the author takes us through five separate builds (the real “meat and potatoes” of these modeling manuals!) that involve basic modeling technique, and also into some fantastic advanced kit-bashing and scratch-building projects that will definitely satisfy the Tiger enthusiast. Well-written, explanatory text accompanies the photo’s, to make for an easily understood modeling experience.


I. Introduction
II. Tools and Materials
III. Modelling a Tiger II with “Porsche” Turret
IV. Kit bashing a Panzerjager Elefant
V. An Early Version Tiger I~Correcting a Revell’s Kit
VI. Heavy Assault Mortar~The Sturmtiger
VII. A Jagdtiger with a Difference
VIII. Gallery
IX. References and Websites
X. Museums and Collections
XI. Kit’s and Accessories
Colour Reference Chart

on the pages

Chapters I and II are both introductory style chapters, explaining briefly what the reader should expect from the writing, and an overview of the tools and materials used throughout the construction of the build variants within.

Chapters III through VII are the build chapters, highlighting five different variants of the Tiger and Tiger Chassis vehicles. These projects range in skill level from intermediate to the advanced modeler, but I feel that modelers of ANY skill level will gain from the study of the modeling techniques explained within. Each build chapter begins with an informative project breakdown chart, listing the title, skill level, kits required, and any additional accessories that may be needed to achieve the final results. These projects are quite interesting, and most unique, as they do combine common base kits, with scratch building and kit bashing techniques, to make for five new and challenging projects for the 1/72 scale enthusiast.

Each build chapter contains tons of color photographs of the project, step-by-step, and the techniques needed for each, along with easy to grasp intelligent text to support the project photos. Accuracy is held stringent throughout each project, and the final outcome is superb!
A particularly interesting build chapter is number IV, “Kitbashing a Panzerjager Elefant”, in which the author combines photo’s of the real life armor subject along side of the model itself to demonstrate the completely accurate recreation of the full size counterpart! Most excellent! There is also a full color photo tutorial of how to recreate a winter whitewash camouflage, in step-by-step procedure.

The last of the build chapters, “A Jagdtiger with a Difference”, is undoubtedly my personal favorite. In this chapter the author takes the reader through a master build, including a complete interior build of the third vehicle produced, Fahrgestell Nr. 305003, which was assigned to the Panzerjager-Lehrgang in Mielau in 1944. This project is intense, with tiny aftermarket accessory sets combined with expert, artistic modeling…the finished model is exceptional.

The “Gallery” section of the book showcases several Tiger models that were built by the author and other small-scale modelers, some which have appeared in other magazine and book articles. These photos give the reader even more valuable reference photos and maybe also an idea or two for their build

The reference sections of the book include great listings of further reading titles, websites, and a listing of museums and collections, worldwide, where you can experience some of the best remaining full size subjects. The final reference chapter, entitled “Kits and Accessories”, gives a brief history of the Tiger in miniature reproduction, then presents a very extensive chart style listing of injection molded Tiger kits, additional detail sets, Photo-etched detail sets, turned metal barrels, and conversion sets. Wrapping up the volume is the famous Osprey Colour Reference Chart, showing eight of the authors favorite paint colors, types and explanations of each.

The Author

This book is written by Alex Clark, who currently resides in the North-East of England. Alex spent his early years modeling aircraft, but made the switch to armor in the late eighties. This is his second title for Osprey, the first being "Modeling the Panzer IV in 1/72 Scale".


Quite honestly, there’s nothing bad about this new volume from Osprey Publishing. Excellent, accurate information, top notch photography and instruction, and a nice selection of subject variant builds all come together to a definite thumbs up! Not just for the Braille Scale specialist, the techniques covered in here could be used and adapted to many armor subjects. Recommended from this modelers’ point of view.

My Thanks to Osprey Publishing for the review sample.
Although clearly one of the most popular of modeling subjects, not much has been written and/or published about models of this scale of the Tiger and it’s variants. This new book from Osprey Publishing brings some fresh, new ideas to the “Braille Scale” modeler.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 1841769428
  Suggested Retail: $18.95 U.S.
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 03, 2006
  NATIONALITY: United States

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