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In-Box Review
Flamethrower T-34

by: David Niescior [ AIRWARRIOR ]

I felt that this model kit was pretty good overall - with fine detailing. A modeler willing to undertake a little additional scratchbuilding effort could produce a very nice model indeed. I built this kit originally for my brother - and now I think I want one for myself!


The Kit
Eastern Express' T-34 is probably like all the others - in that the sprues carry parts they tell you to not use and different decal options are provided. The Machine Gun coaxially located with the Flame Thrower is included in the kit. The decals are some of the worst I have ever dealt with - nearly disentigrating when I attempted to use them. But, on the upside, the kit comes with individual track links. Working with these proved fiddly at times but, I got a nice finish product in the end.


Thoughts on the Instructions...
The kit's instructions appear to be poor Xerox copies of a master print. Though a little hard to read, there's enough there to properly aid you in building the model kit. It tells you the correct steps where parts are not used - so at least the instructions are original.

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 72057
  PUBLISHED: Apr 21, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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