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In-Box Review
British Vosper M.T.B.
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by: Frank [ WILDSPEAR ]

Originally published on:
Model Shipwrights

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The Vosper MTB's were the smallest and fastest boats to serve in the Royal Navy during WWII and they had a significant impact on enemy merchant shipping. The 73ft MTB was armed with 2X18in. Torpedo tubes and with 3 Packard engines of greater than 3600hp could reach 35-40 knots. The boats were also successfully used as minelayers and to insert secret agents on the enemy coast.

Revell's "British" Vosper MTB kit 1/72 scale is one of the types built in the US and fitted differently than the typical British boats. These boats were sent lend-lease to the Soviet Union. The boats were equipped with 2 twin .50 cal with mounts. One 20mm oerlikon AA gun. They also sported two 21 inch mark 18-1 tube style launchers that could launch the mark 8-3c and 8-3d torpedoes.


1) Packaging- The box art depicts a British Vosper patrolling in territorial waters off of Great Briton. The age of the kit could not be determined, there was a year (1993) stamped on the box, this could be the year of manufacture or a copyright.
The kit is molded in grey plastic with no clear pieces. All the plastic is contained in one plastic bag with a few loose parts banging around in the box. The instructions are printed in several different languages and are placed inside the box but not in the parts bag.

2) Appearance of kit- There were numerous loose parts in the bag but all the parts seemed to be accounted for after a quick inventory. There was minimal trimming of parts of flashing material. It also looks to have very few injector marks or other imperfections that would need attention prior to assembly.

3) Evaluation/Product in detail-After a quick count there were approximately 77 parts contained in the kit, this count includes the stand and the personnel. Also included in the kit is a small sheet of decals (2 sets of numbers from 0-9) that can be used for hull numbers. No numbers are specified so it would be up to the modeler on what numbers to place on their boat. There is also a paper British flag included in the kit; it portrays a flag rippling in the wind (I believe this could have been done better).

Of the parts in the kit the weapons stand out as the parts that need the most help. The two twin .50cal machineguns have almost no detail at all and the flash suppressors on the guns seem a bit large for the scale that the model depicts. Also the 20mm oerlikon AA gun seems to have very little detail. The torpedo launchers have the most detail of all the weapons but could still use some help.

Highs: Over all this is a great kit for when it was made (1993?) and is still a great kit in todayís market. This kit is rated at a level 3 by Revell but it would be a great kit for a beginner to an experienced modeler.
Lows: Revell could have spent a little more time in research, but Iím sure we could say that on almost any model.
Verdict: Great kit, of a great boat, from a great era in history.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 5084
  Suggested Retail: $12.00 USD
  Related Link: Official Company Website
  PUBLISHED: Jun 26, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

About Frank (wildspear)

Hey guys been modeling since a kid but I had about a twenty year break so I'm pretty much a newbie on the scene. I have always loved navy ships and thats where my intrest is. I'm married with three boys and a tiny dog. I'm also a nuclear rat with a rifle so I have many interesting stories to tell if...

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Thanks for the review wildspear. I am sure it is just the first of many to come, keep them comming.
JUN 27, 2007 - 01:59 AM
Thanks for the review Frank. This is one of those kits that suffer from lack of a review. After your review, it looks to be a good buy.
JUN 27, 2007 - 03:08 AM
Thanks for the review Frank, I've looked at this before but been put off by the box art. Looks like I need to revisit it. Ciao Luciano
JUN 27, 2007 - 07:49 AM
Keep in mind that this kit was originally released as "McHale's Navy PT 73" back in the 1960s. Considering its age, the kit is not too far off from the original boat, although the hull is the wrong shape, the deck doesn't fit well, and the claim that it represents an RN boat is bogus. I can upload plans of the boat as she should appear if anyone plans on building one. Al Ross
JUN 27, 2007 - 12:48 PM
Al, I would be interested in those plans. I remember you saying the back of the hull (sorry I'm bad at the ship terminology) was wrong? Do the plans show the correct way the hull should be? I was thinking of ordering the plans but I want to depict the "Vospers" made in America were the hulls the same as the British Vospers?
JUN 27, 2007 - 02:33 PM
Ah, a blast from the past. I'd wondered if ROG had done anything to the old PT-73/Vospers kits I remember as a kid. Doesn't really sound like it, although it's still the only game in town. It's sad that the guns and torpedoes, that are really the first thing many people look at, are so badly done. Oh well that just leaves room for the AM folks. Good review of an old classic Frank.
JUN 27, 2007 - 03:02 PM
Similar, but different. Essentially, there were two VOSPER designs license-built in the US. The initial batch was the standard 70'/72'6" design (like my set for MTB 234) which was used by the RN. The second batch was the heavily-modified design used only by the Soviets and the subject of the kit. John redrew the originals I sent him for Vol 2 of ACF and I've uploaded those to www.coastalforcesplans.com/id21.html. If they're not clear enough, I can email them to you directly. Al
JUN 27, 2007 - 03:16 PM

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