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First Look Review
Royal Navy Pom-Pom Gun
LionRoar WWII RN 1/700 Pom-Pom Gun
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by: Jim Adams [ GOLDENPONY ]

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Model Shipwrights

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Royal Navy ships during World War II learned the same lessons the US Navy had, if you are going to survive, you need AA protection. To do this the British, just like the America’s added more and more anti-aircraft guns to their ships as the war went on. Their main anti-air system was called the Pom-Pom gun, officially QF 2-pounder Mark VIII, later the Mark XIV.

The Set

Two different styles of guns are included in the set, an early war style and a later war style. There are enough parts to make 8 different guns. Each gun is made up of 11 different parts.

Type One, or early type, uses one set of the lager ammo boxes, part#2. This type is an eight gun type system. There are two different bases to mount the ammo cans and gun systems on for this type gun.

Type Two, or later type, uses two sets of ammo cans, part #8. In turn this style of gun only has four barrels. This gun type only has one base that goes along with it.

The detail on the etching is nicely done. The barrels, ammo cans, sides and bases all have a good amount of detail for being such small pieces.


Nice looking set to add another layer of detail to your builds. These are tiny so care should be taken when working with them. If you are uncomfortable with PE you might want to stay away, these will be small and will require assembly. But builders with PE experience would have no problem.
Highs: Nice set for details your 1/700 Royal Navy ships.
Lows: Tiny! Beware the carpet monster. Small PE parts needing assembly
Verdict: Nicely done and won’t break the bank.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: LE700074
  Suggested Retail: 14.95
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 24, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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