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In-Box Review
Posters German & UK

by: Olin [ OLIN ]

Those little extra touches in diorama seem to make or break it as to whether it is just a good or a great one. The Scale Regiment has produced a whole line of those extra touches in the way of propaganda posters.
Their line of posters covers the gamut of WW II pretty well . So this line of posters isnít limited to just a country or two.
German WWII Propaganda poster sets #1 and #2

With all the products available to the modeling community of German subjects it never hurts to add a little more. The Scale Regiment has made a contribution in the way of propaganda posters.

In this review I will discuss posters that were seen in Germany. The Scale Regiment does have German posters available for other countries but that will be the subject of a different review. See the list below for other posters.

Upon opening the package you will notice that the posters are printed on thin, flat sheen stock. As with other poster sets in The Scale Regiment range these posters offer very nice print register and color. Detail and Clarity is top notch on these posters as well.
The Scale Regiment has once again done their home work in regard to the time frames these posters can be used in. The posters range from early war Germany in the height of itís military might to the dimly lite days of the end of the war for Germany.

These posters are a great addition to the modelerís resources in modeling WW II Germany. I highly recommend them to any diorama builder interested in German oriented dioramas.
United Kingdom WW II Propaganda poster sets # 1 and #2

In this part of the review I will address appropriate posters for the United Kingdom.
Upon first inspection of these little posters you are presented with very nicely printed full color posters. They are printed on thin, flat sheen stock. The register of the artwork is very well done and the various colors used are vibrantly done as well. The actual artwork on the posters has been faithfully reproduced with no distortion to the original images. All and all these posters are very well done with detail and clarity in mind for the modeler.

I think compared to some other posters on the market these are of much better quality, in turn making them a much more useful product. The diorama possibilities with these posters is great. Because some of the posters were printed during different time frames in WW II. Whether it be from the beginning of The Blitzkrieg or the eve of D-Day. I rate these little posters as 10 out of 10.

I recommend these posters to any modeler wanting to model a British diorama. So grab a set of these posters if you are looking for that extra touch in your diorama they are worth the investment.
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The other sets include Fascist Italy: German Occupied Countries/ Foreign Volunteers: Russian WWII Set #1 & 2: Printed Materials Newspapers, Books, Letters, Books & Documents: Iraq Suddam Hussein

The price for each is $4.50, posters on each sheet range from 8 (Iraq set) to 12. The printed material set contains many more; letters, newspaper etc.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: $4.50
  Related Link: Scale Regiment Site
  PUBLISHED: Jun 26, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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