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In-Box Review
Royal Navy Caisson & Store Box
1/700 WWII Royal Navy Caisson & Store Box
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by: Scott Espin [ SPIFF ]

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Model Shipwrights

The Photo Etch Set

This photo etch set from LionRoar provides three different sizes of caissons and store boxes to replace the molded on or non-existent kit parts. Typically, these features are molded as square blobs with minimal or no detail. This set provides great replacements for the plastic kit parts for those who wish to improve the detail and look of their 1/700 Royal Navy ships.

Right off the bat youíll notice that the entire photo etch sheet has a plastic film over the front which holds the boxes in place. There are no attachment points to cut, something Iíve never seen in a photo etch set. Just lift the desired part off the plastic film and itís ready to be folded. No cutting = no collateral damage! Youíll want an etch-mate or similar device to help you fold the boxes into their three dimensional shape.

The instructions are simple and show how just one box is to be folded, however all three sizes boxes are all folded in exactly the same way. If folded properly you will have crisp square edges and corners just like the real thing. The details of the doors and covers are beautifully etched into the front panel. Youíll need to carefully examine your kit parts and instructions, as well as your photo references to figure out where they should be installed and what if any molded on details need to be removed.


This is a great replacement/upgrade set for all your 1/700 World War II Royal Navy Ships. The fact that there are no fret attachment points to cut will make them very easy to work with.

Highs: Great etched detail, no fret attachment points to worry about.
Lows: Youíll have to do your own research to determine which sizes to use and where to place them.
Verdict: Great photo etch set to spruce up your 1/700 WWII Royal Navy Ships.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: LE700095
  Suggested Retail: MSRP $10.75 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 25, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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