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In-Box Review
Hitler Youth and the 12. SS-PD 'Hitlerjugend'

by: Saúl García [ SHARKMOUTH ]

When I first read about the Werewolves, I thought to myself what a horrible thing to experience, killing a child who would try to kill you.

So opening the book from Concord Publications made me see the faces these soldiers must have seen and I noticed that the allied soldiers themselves did not seem much older.

However, this book is not only about the young fighters. Also covered is the Panzer Division with photos of the vehicles and commanders.

Within the 52 pages of this softcover book are 152 black and white photos and four full color plates by Ronald Volstad. Tom Cockle has added an introduction along with expert captions to the photos. Care was taken to identify uniforms, ranks, vehicles, possible markings, and locations.

Most of the photos are clear and, while some have been seen before, it was nice to see a series of a particular vehicle together. I did miss seeing any maps to know where, in relation to the enemy, these photos were taken.

While there are a few typos, it is not as blatant as the September Storm book. Modelers will find several useful photos for the recent kits and accessories listed below.

An excellent addition which I hope all other books will follow is the Select Bibliography. It is a sign of confidence when an author can let the reader know from where the information therein was culled.

Kits and figures for which this book is a good reference include the PaK40 (Dragon and AFV Club have released kits recently), Panther Ausf. A ‘late’ (Dragon kit), Panther Ausf. G (Tamiya and (soon) Dragon), Sd.Kfz. 251 Ausf. D (Dragon and AFV Club), Panzer IV Ausf. H (Tamiya), Cromwell (Tamiya), Universal Carrier (Tamiya), Sd.Kfz. 231 Late (converted Tamiya), M4A2 75mm (Academy), plus Volsturm (Dragon figures and The Quarter Master Depot decals).

This book is recommended for the interesting photos, the excellent color plates, the informative captions and the hope that Dragon will release figures based on this information.
While there are many books on WWII German forces, one that makes people cringe is the thought of children fighting a war. In the closing phases of the Second World War, many armies had young soldiers amongst their ranks. However, not many had groups selected because of their youth and trained to fight.
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 25, 2005

About Saúl García (sharkmouth)

I collect references on unusual markings and small armies. I am particularly interested in captured & exported vehicles used in combat.

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